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The Mews
19 Sandyford Place Lane
County Renfrewshire
G3 7HS

About Airesales Scotland Limited

Airesales Scotland, the distributor for leading air conditioning manufacturer Airedale has launched its most efficient unit yet, the TurboChill air-cooled, high capacity chiller.

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Central to the design of the TurboChill are revolutionary centrifugal Turbocor compressors optimised with a raft of cutting-edge components. Brilliantly engineered, using Airedale’s vast expertise in cooling technology, the TurboChill minimises environmental impact by lifting efficiency to new heights and pushing down sound levels.

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The TurboChill’s ‘seasonal efficiency’ ESEER values of up to 5.7 are virtually 50% higher than those of a traditional chiller and greatly reducing operational costs and carbon emissions. The Turbocor compressor itself has an EER of up to 8.0 at part load. The compressor’s oil-free technology enables the TurboChill to operate up to four compressors on a single circuit, significantly increasing efficiencies. With fewer moving parts there is no operational ‘wear and tear’ avoiding costly bearing replacement. The TurboChill meets the criteria of Class A Eurovent rating and is included on the Energy Technology List thereby qualifying for the Carbon Trust ECA Scheme.

For more information contact: Tel: 0141 204 4750
Airesales Scotland Limited ImageAiresales Scotland Limited ImageAiresales Scotland Limited Image

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