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Paul Russon
Unit 5 & 6 George Holmes Business Centre
George Holmes Way
County Derbyshire
DE11 9DF
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08:30 am-05:00 pm
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08:30 am-05:00 pm

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About Prihoda UK Ltd

Prihoda UK Ltd is the sole distributor for Prihoda Fabric Ducting and Diffuser systems for the UK and Ireland. Managed by Mark & Paul Russon, the brothers have nearly 20 Years' Fabric Ducting design and project experience between them. We offer fast quotation turnaround with detailed drawings and air flow graphics so that our customers know exactly what they are buying. Prihoda UK Ltd offers one of the best quality products on the market, but remains extremely price competitive by focussing on fast, effective and efficient working practices, all backed up by ISO9001 approved factory products, and a 10-year warranty.

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We are proud to be a part of the global Prihoda team.

Constantly innovative, the technical teams at Prihoda s.r.o. have many ‘Firsts’ to their name, including…
  • Micro-perforation air diffusion (directional low velocity air delivery)
  • Endless fibres fabrics instead of staple fibres (no fibre shedding)
  • Negative pressure ducting and diffusers (fabric extract ducting)
  • Square shape fabric ducting, as a standard catalogue product
  • Adjustable pieces (straight lengths and bends)
  • 100% fabric nozzles, with the same material properties as the ducting

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We specialise in all things fabric ducting.

Fabric Ducting has many different names: air socks (or airsox), textile diffusers, textile ducts, textile ducting, air sleeves, wind socks... We think Fabric Ducting & Diffusers is the most accurate term.
We design all Prihoda products bespoke for the intended application. Most Prihoda systems transport the air while simultaneously distributing/diffusing it into the room, so they act as ducts and as diffusers all in one system. We also supply negative pressure (extract/return air) ducting and air transfer ducting:

1/ Air outlet from a diffuser

Most fabric ducts are used as diffusers, with the supply air exiting in any of the following:
    1. microperforations (0.2mm to 0.4mm)
    2. laser-cut perforations (starting at 3mm diameter)
    3. fabric nozzles
    4. an adapter/outlet spigot leading to another system/area
    5. an outlet end leading to another system/area

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We can use a combination of diffuser types to design the perfect air pattern for your application.

2/ Air entry into negative pressure (extract) ducting
Our innovative negative pressure fabric ducting uses laser-cut perforations to extract air from the room and out through the duct system.

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3/ Air transfer ducting

We also offer air transfer ducting made from impermeable fabric to transport the air WITHOUT diffusion. We can design and manufacture branches, bends and other fittings for any situation.

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Prihoda UK Ltd offers a range of services for fabric ducting.

1/ Fabric duct design services

From start to finish, we design each fabric duct system bespoke. Let us know your requirements and we will design your system and provide a comprehensive quote, including airflow graphics and noise data.

2/ Fabric duct installation service

Installation services are available on selected projects. We are fully insured and CHAS registered. Our engineers hold all the relevant certifications with IPAF licenses and CSCS cards, etc. We always survey every installation prior to work commencing and produce our own risk and method statements for your information and approval.

3/ Fabric duct maintenance and washing service

All ducts need cleaning eventually. Prihoda can offer you a simple or comprehensive maintenance and cleaning service to suit your needs. We have a dedicated in-house laundry for specialist fabric duct washing, disinfection and minor repairs. Rotational washing contracts are also available.
We can supply replacement systems for any manufacturer of fabric ducting.

For any queries or for an informal chat about your requirements, please contact us.



Clarity Pharma: Prihoda supplies pharmaceutical distributor with bespoke fabric ducts

The Company

Clarity Pharma is an award-winning distributor of medical and pharmaceutical devices in the UK and Europe. They provide storage and logistic services to many healthcare facilities, including pharmacies, clinics and hospitals. With over two decades of experience, they are trusted by numerous pharmaceutical manufacturers to provide access to essential medicines to patients in Europe and the UK. This vital work wouldn’t be possible without the use of state-of-the-art logistics resources and facilities.
Clarity Pharma recently acquired a new warehouse to support these critical operations. The stock that would be stored in the new warehouse would be very sensitive to temperature fluctuation. As a result, the ventilation system would need to be carefully planned to ensure that the correct temperature could be achieved throughout the space. This would be challenging because of the combination of very high ceilings and very tall storage racks, which can often block the flow of air to the lower levels, especially when heating.

Our Approach

Working with 361 Degrees contractors, Prihoda supplied five tailormade straight fabric ducts and one branched duct to cover the entire area as evenly as possible. Each duct was made of airtight woven material so that all the air would be released through the nozzles. These were arranged into rows designed to direct air between the racks and throughout the open area.
A beat absorber was also fitted on the end of each duct to prevent a forceful inflation, ensuring a gentle and soft start. On Clarity Pharma’s request, we expedited the project by delivering the tracks before the ducts were ready. With the tracks installed, the ducts could simply be slid into place.

The Outcome

Feedback on the ventilation of the warehouse has been very positive. With the new fabric ducts, the warehouse has uniform air distribution even near the tall racks, with no regions of stagnant air. The temperature can be set precisely, without risking hot or cold spots which could affect the shelf life of the pharmaceutical stock. And there is no need to worry about dust and dirty air. The fabric ducting material is made using endless fibres. This means no fibres are shed into the warehouse, in accordance with Prihoda’s ISO 4 cleanroom certification. Any soiling that does occur can be washed away in a washing machine.

To speak with our team about how we can help your business, please call us on +353 1 961 0031, or email us at
Prihoda Fabric Ducting with 100% Recycled material (r-PET).

At Prihoda we have been making and shipping Fabric Ducting systems worldwide since 1994. We have been the first to innovate so many new products, from adjustable fabric bends, to textile air distribution nozzles and a host of new materials and methods for delivering air.
With so much discussion in the current media regarding plastics in the ocean, we at Prihoda felt we should highlight the use of “recycled” as opposed to “recyclable” material available from Prihoda.
We are pleased to announce in the UK that for the last 5 years, since July 2013 our products have been available with material made using 100% recycled polyester yarn. We have sourced our recycled material from Unifi an American company that makes the Repreve® 100% recycled polyester material.
All of our recycled Fabric Ducts will be made using material recycled from Plastic Bottles (r-PET).
In fact we’ve worked out that for every m2 of Prihoda Recycled Fabric Ducting you buy you’ll be saving 13 x 500ml plastic bottles from landfill. For example this means a 10m long Ø630mm duct will ultimately save a massive 277 plastic bottles from landfill. Each quotation we produce will specify the bottles saved and each duct we make will come complete with labelling specifying it’s genuine 100% recycled content.
Repreve® use an additive in their material to allow them to identify and certify genuine Repreve® recycled content, it’s called ‘fingerprint technology’ and it has allowed us to be tested and certified by Repreve® under the ‘U TRUST’ scheme for genuine Repreve® recycled material.
What’s more is that in certain countries we’re taking part in the ‘Textile Takeback’ scheme whereby your old Fabric Systems can be returned to use for recycling. These systems will be returned to Repreve® where they will be cleaned, melted and eventually turned back into recycled yarn.
The Prihoda Recycled Fabric Ducts will come with 10 years warranty as standard, and are available in a range of 4 stock colours – White, Light Grey, Dark Grey and Blue, special colours are available to order. The material is Flame Retardant, anti-bacterial & cleanroom quality (non fibre shedding) to ISO class4. In addition to this it is also Anti-Static, non shrink and non hygroscopic. All systems zip easily together and slide into simple suspension systems, creating long lasting, effective and aesthetic air distribution diffusers.
Used extensively in Sport Halls, Theatres, Offices, Food Production, Large Retail Areas, Swimming Pools, Schools and a whole host of other applications Prihoda 100% Recycled Material Fabric Ducting should also be relevant to any Building Environmental Assessments as part of an overall Project plan, in terms of its 100% recycled origin, the energy saved in its manufacture and its recyclability, and low cost of transport creating a full circle in terms of its lifetime environmental impact.
For further information, please contact us on 0121 320 2496 (Midlands & North) or 0207 886 2496 (London & South) or email us at
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Name Role Email Telephone
Paul Russon Managing Director 07889 427486
Mark Russon Operations Director 07921 616763
Bruna Napoleao Technical Manager 07853 908055
Helen Ryan Office Manager 0121 320 2496

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