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Mark Eire BV

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Michael O Donoghue
County Co Cork

About Mark Eire BV

Mark Products are as follows:

* FOHN - Gas/Oil fired air heater

* GS/GC - Suspended gas fired air heater

* D-Type - Suspended gas fired air heater

* CALFLO - Direct fired unit/Make up air

* INFRA - Indirect fired black tube radiant heater

* INFRA HT - Direct fired radiant plaque heater

* INFRA QUARTZ - Quartz radiant heater

* INFRA AQUA - Warm water or thermal oil panels

* TANNER - Indirect warm water unit air heater

* ECO-FAN - Recirculation/ventilation unit

* FAN-COIL - Ventilator convector

* DRYFLO - Process burner installation

* OXIFLO - Incinerator

* MARK BENDER - Hydraulic pipebending machines 3/8'' - 4''

* MARK COOL - Air conditioning

Mark Eire B.V., sees itself in the area of service, selling comfort systems.
To this end it employs full time Sales Engineers to assist with design options, liase with contractors, sales of service contracts and customer support. The engineers are supported by technical sales people in the office producing quotations and drawings, both with a manual and AutoCAD system.

To implement this service, Mark have 4 full-time service engineers who, depending on the environment and the conditions, call to customers who have service contracts once or more a year, normally during the summer period. This service contract is sold directly to the customer, if the contractor wishes to retain a direct involvement with his customer - then the contract is sold to the mechanical contractor. If either the sales or service engineers are unavailable, other personnel in the company can easily deputise for them.

Mark are now proud recipients of the prestigious I.S. EN ISO 9002 Quality system since the 15th April 1992. Together with the in-house Quality Manager, the workforce is committed to maintaining a high level of quality at all stages of production.

Jigs, fixtures test equipment and gas analysers are used extensively throughout the plant to ensure quality. Training to ensure continuation of this takes place systematically. The design director of the group is continuously upgrading products and obtaining extra gas board approvals. The list of approvals to date is shown hereunder.

Country - Approval Agency

Europe - CE Approval

Holland - Gastec NV

United Kingdom - British Gas PLC (Watson House)

Belgium - KVGB ARGB

France - Centre Techniques des Industries Aerauliques ET (CETAIT) & AFNOR

Denmark - Danish Governmental Gas Institute

Germany - Deutches Verein des Gas und Wasserfaches eV. (DVCW).

Sweden - Svenska Gasforenigen.

Mark employ the most up to date office technology. AN ERP system 'EXACT' - dedicated to assist with purchases, sales quotations, accounts, production and ensures stocks are kept at a level to produce even at the tightest time schedule.

Fabrication Department
Equipment in production includes CNC punch (CAD CAM) fabrication equipment, guillotine, copy punch, brake press, power press, powder painting and other fabrication equipment.

Welding Department
Tig welding plants, Mig welding plants, spot welding machines.

Assembly Department:
Pneumatic assembly tools, various power tools

Testing Department:
Testing equipment for all combustion and test requirements

Mark employ 60+ people and of its purchases as many as possible are made in Ireland. The contribution to the economy in PAYE & PRSI and indirectly is significant.

Mark are supporters of other OEMs in Ireland and on their own or united are able to meet economically and with quality products, the demands of the Irish public.

Mark invite you as a Consultant, Contractor, Adviser or End-user to give Mark (if you have not already) an opportunity to demonstrate their ability, apply their technology and having done so, we feel that like others worldwide, you too will find Mark, in their area, second to none.



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