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County Co Cork

About Mark Eire BV

Mark Eire BV: International leader in Climate Control
Your Partner for: air heating, radiant heating, ventilation and recirculation equipment, HVAC-systems and bending machines.

Air heating
Our gas-fired or water-fed air heaters are available in various versions.

Radiant heating
Click here for our various types of radiant heating systems, gas-fired as well as water-fed.

Ventilation and recirculation equipment
Provide a fresh and healthy working environment.

Air conditioning
Our air conditioning units and heat recovery units are a guarantee for a pleasant working environment.

Our new range of high efficiency boilers

Thermostats and time switches
The correct control for each application

Control equipment and selector switches
Mark Climate Technology supplies the best selector switches, room thermostats and pressure regulators. Everything to ensure a healthy living and working climate.

Control panels
Our control units for controlling your Mark-product.

Hydraulic pipe benders
Bend your tubes in the desired angle

Air heating
Ways to improve air heating? You’ve found your match at Mark Climate Technology. We have mastered all aspects of air heaters and know better than anyone how important it is to create a clean and pleasant working environment for yourself, but also for others. Do you have a large space where you would like a pleasant temperature? Then Mark Climate Technology offers the best solution with qualitative air heating. You pay a reasonable low amount for good service and quality products!

Radiant heat
Radiant heat is incredibly functional and warms up a room quickly. When you switch on a radiant heating system, it emits radiant heat within no time. This is often a good and constructive solution for places where it cools down quickly. Mark Climate Technology is specialist in the field of radiant heat. You make a good choice by choosing our products and services. The radiant heater works with various heat mediums, namely with hot water or gas-fired. Our range of gas-fired radiant heaters and radiant panels provide you with all the heat you need. The heat mediums ensure that the tube registers can be heated. The medium can ensure that the register is heated, and the tube releases its heat in the form of radiant heat. This warmth gives a comfortable feeling.

Mechanical ventilation for healthy air balance
For the best ventilation systems, such as mechanical ventilation, or an exhaust fan, you are at the right place with Mark Climate Technology. We have the MDV Blue Roof Fan in our range. This system is ideal for sustainable and efficient air extraction. In addition, this device has the latest EC technology. For this reason, the system guarantees low power consumption combined with outstanding performance.

You can always rely on devices of incredibly good quality. All ventilation systems from Mark also comply with EU 1253 regulations and are Ecodesign ready! Mark Climate Technology provides the best ventilation, and that for a very reasonable price. Perfect right?

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