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Thomas Beattie
Unit 8, Castle Laurie
Bankside Industrial Estate

About CoreTek

With more than 30 years experience we provide efficient and reliable diamond drilling throughout Scotland. We also do specialist cutting and investigative drilling throughout Scotland

Our services in detail

Diamond Core Drilling
Diamond drilling, which comes under the umbrella of core drilling, utilises a rotary drill with a diamond drill bit added to enable accurate clean holes that are between 8mm to 1500mm. This technique enables structural integrity to be kept and allows for either horizontal or vertical drilling.

Investigative Drilling
In the event traditional cable percussion or window sampling cannot be used rotary coring is a technique often adopted to form a deep observation borehole or to collect a sample of rock. This drilling method includes a powered rotary cutting head which is on the end of a shaft which will then be driven into the ground as it rotates. In order to keep the cutting head cool this type of system relies on lubrication such as air, water or drilling mud.

Stitch Drilling
Diamond drilling is a technique widely adopted for drilling faster and more accurately through a variety of materials. There are many advantages to diamond drilling however one major disadvantage is the limitations of the size of the drill bits that can be used; with a maximum capability of 1500mm it can prove very difficult to drill anything bigger. In order to overcome this significant obstacle the process of stitch drilling can be adopted where an opening of any size or shape can be created. Stitch drilling is often used in scenarios where a space is too cramped for other techniques of cutting. This method will allow for large holes to be cut in small areas in a range of strong materials which include metal and concrete.

Floor and Road Sawing
Floor sawing is an ideal method for quickly cutting external horizontal surfaces whilst producing a clean edge on roads and pavements. This technique allows experts such as Coretek to cut through reinforced concrete or asphalt to depths of 700mm in a timely and efficient manner.

Wall Chasing
Wall chasing, commonly referred to as concrete chasing, is a way of cutting channels into concrete or masonry in a clean and efficient manner for a range commercial, industrial and retail outlets.

Wire Sawing
Wire sawing is commonly referred to within the quarrying industry however in recent years it has been adapted and regularly used in the concrete cutting. To effectively executive this technique a diamond infused wire is fed through several guide pulleys which will then pass through, or around, the specific area of concrete that needs to be cut with a loop then forming. This wire loop will then be repeatedly pulled through the concrete section until the desire cut is achieved.

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