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Fibreglo Insulations Ltd

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Mr William Copeland
Unit 21a Glencryan Road
Carbrain Industrial Estate
County Lanarkshire
G67 2UH

About Fibreglo Insulations Ltd

Fibreglo are a home insulation company located in Cumbernauld, who provide expert advice and installation of loft & cavity wall insulation products throughout Glasgow & Central Scotland.

Fibreglo have extensive experience in the installation of cavity wall insulation, loft insulation, draught proofing and other home energy-efficiency products.

We can also provide you with accurate and up-to-date information relating to Government insulation / energy efficiency improvement grants & funding.

Cavity Wall Insulation
Cavity Wall Insulation GlasgowCavity Wall Insulation fills the gap in between the bricks of your walls. Modern cavity wall insulation is an expanded polystyrene bead that is bonded together during installation.

Installing cavity wall insulation is like putting a warm blanket on your house. The insulation keeps the heat in, meaning that you can have your central heating on for less time, or turn in down to a lower level.

This can mean substantial savings on gas / fuel bills and reduces harmful carbon emissions which are released into the environment. Cavity wall insulation also also keeps your home cooler in the summer. More on Cavity Wall insulation

Loft Insulation
Loft Insulation Glasgow IconLoft insulation is essential. Heat rises in your home and escapes quickly through your loft or attic and out the roof. Loft insulation makes it increasingly difficult for heat to pass through the roof, trapping the escaping heat.

Almost like wearing a warm hat in winter. If your loft is not insulated it is estimated that 25% of the heat in your house escapes through the roof. This means that 25% of the money you spend on heating your home is effectively being thrown away.

Excessive energy usage also puts harmful Carbon emissions into the environment. Loft insulation is placed between and across the joists in your loft, and gives you a protective, sealed area in the home, which stays warm for longer. meaning it costs less to heat your home as your central heating or fire can be on for less time.

Your home will usually be suitable for cavity wall insulation if:
  • Its external walls are unfilled cavity walls
  • your cavity is at least 50mm wide
  • the masonry or brickwork of your property is in good condition
  • it is more than ten years old (most newer houses will have insulation already)
  • the walls are not exposed to driving rain.

Benefits of Cavity Wall insulation:
  • Prevents up to 35% of heat being lost through your walls.
  • Saves up to £250 per year on your home energy bills.
  • Cuts Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions by up to 610kg per year.
  • Can be paid for with a 100% Government-backed ECO Grant.

Loft Insulation grants
You may qualify for a loft insulation grant. Find out more here – ECO Loft Grants
  • Prevents up to 25% of heat being lost through the roof.
  • Saves up to £150 per year on your home heating bills.
  • Cuts Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions by up to 800kg per year.
  • Installation can be paid for with an ECO Grant.

Free Cavity Wall Insulation & Loft Insulation in the Glasgow Area
Glasgow free cavity wall insulation and loft insulation
Glasgow free insulation
If you live in the Glasgow area you may qualify for free cavity wall insulation or loft insulation.

Many homes in Glasgow and surrounding areas qualify for free home insulation under the current ECO scheme.

Contact us to arrange a free loft insulation or free cavity wall insulation survey. Free Insulation Survey.

For any questions or enquiries please Contact Us!

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