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Modern Plan Insulation Ltd

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Christopher Darby
Church Street
England Uk

About Modern Plan Insulation Ltd

About Modern Plan Insulations Limited
MPI are an insulation contractor specialising in all aspects of spray-foam insulation and injected-polyurethane foam systems.

Warm and Dry with MPI
Sprayed and injected foams combine the benefits of the highest levels of insulation commercially available with rapid application. The versatility of foam means it can be used for insulation, condensation and vapour control, building and cavity stabilisation, roof sealing, weatherproofing, cold storage and many more applications.

Sprayed Foam Applications
Sprayed foam is ideal for use for insulation in commercial and domestic properties, and can be applied both internally and externally.
Some typical applications are: loft and roof insulation, wall and floor insulation, car-park soffets, barn conversions and also swimming-pool halls where condensation and vapour control is a problem.

Closed cell-spray foam is applied in a seamless, durable coat to any thickness, and also gives an air-tight seal to further improve its insulation qualities.
In addition, the foams have excellent adhesive properties, making them an ideal product for many more applications.

Cavity Wall Insulation and Stabilisation
Benefits of using injected foam for cavity wall insulation include:
Superior insulation per mm of cavity; closed-cell structure means foam is inherently water resistant, making it ideal for use in areas where wind-driven rain is a problem; the adhesive properties of foam means it effectively glues the inner and outer leafs of a wall together, totally eliminating the need for future wall-tie replacement; an ideal solution in older properties where the tie bars have already corroded away.

Foam is also an approved system for “hard-to-treat" homes with various problems such as:

Narrow cavities, random stone cavities, metal and timber stud cavities and, as previously mentioned, walls exposed to severe wind driven rain.

MPI Ltd have worked closely with many of the major manufactures, such as Isothane for their Tecnitherm system and BASF for their WALLTITE CV100 system, as well as the BBA and the building research establishment (BRE) to help develop a safe and proper method of installation.

Sprayed foam is ideal for the insulation of narrowboats, barges and yachts.
It adheres tenaciously to the steelwork, and because it is fully bonded to the substrate, there are no gaps on the cold side of the insulation, which eliminates the possibility of condensation.

As previously stated, the closed-cell structure of the foam systems used by MPI Ltd makes them ideal for use in marine and bouyancy applications. They also carry a Class 1 fire rating to British Standards BS476 part 7, and are also Lloyds register-approved.

Modern Plan Insulation have close working relationships and are approved applicators for most of the best protective-coating manufacturers. We can design systems for most applications using the best coating for the application, rather than 'making do'.

Modern Plan Insulations are also approved installers of the Monoglass and Thermoacoustic sprayed-glass fibre systems. These systems comprise of an inorganic and non-combustible white-glass fibre and polymer binder. It can be applied to virtually any substrate as a thermal and acoustic insulation in wall, ceiling and soffit application.

We are approved by all the major foam-system manufactures, including BASF for their Walltite systems, Educhem for both their sprayed and injected systems and also Isothane for their Technitherm and Duratherm foam-systems as well as their Polyurea range of protective coatings. Most systems are covered by BBA Certificates and British Standards.

If you need any more information on spray-foam insulation, cavity-wall insulation, roof sealing, Polyurethane foam-systems or weatherproofing, simply contact us via the online contact form and we will be happy to help.
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Reviews & Testimonials for Modern Plan Insulation Ltd

5 star review
March 30, 2024
We had old insulation removed and new foam put in over the last 2 weeks. The workmen were really efficient, friendly, thoughtful, flexible and they tidied up extremely well. A pleasure to have around…We feel that there has already been a difference in how warm our house feels. Thank you so much!
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5 star review
April 10, 2023
MPI have recently done our stone cavity wall insulation with spray foam. As they said it would be, the result has been instantaneous and massive! We moved in 4 years ago, not knowing the walls had no insulation; it has been transformed from a draughty cold house into a warm forever home that I feel I can finally bond with.
Importantly when having work done in your home, the company and everyone we spoke to and/or met there were so friendly, honest and professional. Never a hard sell, always factual and patient. Our contact to MPI was always answered quickly and in clear detail. Work at the house was cleaned up every day ready for the following morning.
Would have no hesitation at all in recommending using MPI.
Testimonial by
Carolyn Goodall
5 star review
December 01, 2016
I'd just like to thank you and your team for your prompt and efficient service - I've been most impressed!. I'd have no hesitation in using your services again and i will be in toch in the new year, as my daughters house could do with the same treatment.
Testimonial by
Colin Edwards
5 star review
October 01, 2016
Many thanks for your efficient working practice during your time here at Lancaster University Fylde College, MPI have been one of a few contractors working on the project where Kier have received the best feedback from our client.
Phil Shepherd.
Project manager Kier Construction.
Testimonial by
Kier Construction
Modern Plan Insulation Ltd. 5 out of 5 based on 4 ratings.



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