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Unit 11b Balmakeith Industrial Estate
County Nairnshire
IV12 5QW

About A-mac Environmental Ltd

At a-mac Environmental our goal is to provide a cleaner, safer, pollution-free workplace through the provision of bespoke extraction systems

With over 16 years’ experience, we have established ourselves as one of the leading companies for the removal of fume and dust pollution in the workplace. Our highly skilled and flexible team have extensive experience in all aspects of how to control gas, vapour, dust, fume and mist in workplace air using local exhaust ventilation.

Thousands of British workers contract occupational asthma and other lung diseases each year. People develop these diseases because they breathe in too much dust, fume or other airborne contaminants at work, often because control measures do not work well enough. Most industries are affected, particularly woodworking, welding, paint-spraying, stonemasonry, engineering and foundry work. If you work in an environment in which potentially harmful fume and dust particles are present, then our products hold a range of benefits.

Within our range of services we can design, supply, install, test and commission all systems.
  • Our systems limit employee exposure to harmful pollution
  • Our systems satisfy the strict environmental and health & safety regulations
  • Our systems enhance your operational productivity
  • Our systems improves your workers performance
About Extraction Services
a-mac understand that a wide range of extraction requirements exist, therefore we can tailor the design, supply and install of extraction systems specific to your needs. Our systems are able to fully extract and filtrate for the following:
  • Grain Dust
  • Wood Waste / Saw Dust
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Fibre Glass
  • Carbon Fibre Dust
  • Plasma Cutter Fumes
  • Laboratory Extraction Systems
  • Cement Dust
  • Shot Blast
  • Flour Dust
  • Distillery Extraction Services
  • Vehicle Body Shop Systems
  • Food Industry
  • General Room Ventilation Systems
  • Catering Extraction Systems
  • Chemical Extraction Systems
Our Product Range
Our wide range of products removes harmful fumes and dust from your workplace, protecting your workforce. From weld fume to oil mist, wood waste to paint solvent – we offer a product for your application.
  • Extraction Arms
  • Mobile Filter Units
  • MDB Modular Filtration System
  • Downdraft Benches
  • Push Pull Systems
  • Extraction Hoods
  • Oil Mist Extraction
  • Vehicle Exhaust Extraction
Welding Fume & Grinding Dust
Metal working processes – such as Welding & Grinding – release a wide range of hazardous airborne contaminants which must be removed from the operators breathing zone to ensure their protection. a-mac Environmental offer bespoke extraction systems to ensure the safe and efficient removal of these airborne pollutants within the workplace.

With over 16 years of experience in designing & installing extraction systems for metal working processes, a-mac can offer customised solutions which are specific to your requirements and budget. Working in partnership with leading manufacturers, including Plymovent, Nederman and Kemper – our systems are suitable for all light, medium and heavy duty processes.

Oil Mist
Oil Mist arises when metalworking fluids are used to either cool or lubricate parts and tools during machining processes, such as milling, turning, grinding and boring. Hazardous Oil Mist must to be captured to protect employee health, create a safe working environment and extend the lifespan of machinery and tools.

Paint & Solvent Fume
HSE have illustrated increasing concern to the control of paint & solvent fumes which can be harmful to immediate workers and surrounding employees. Capturing and extracting these pollutants are essential to the protection of operators’ health, while also creating a safer working environment.

Wood-Waste Dust
Uncontrolled wood-waste is a serious threat to operators due to the carcinogenic properties and impacts which these dusts have on the Respiratory System. The most effective method to eliminate exposure of wood-waste dust is to provide ‘capture-at-source’ extraction – i.e. extraction at source of cutting & turning machines.

Vehicle Exhaust
The inhaling of vehicle exhaust fumes is extremely hazardous to health due to the presence of poisonous gases, such as carbon monoxide. Due to these serious health risks associated with carbon-fuelled exhaust fumes, it is vitally important that at-source extraction is applied to capture and remove the pollutants effectively.

Ventilation Systems
Ventilation systems are now increasingly important in modern business environments as the problems of poor indoor air quality become apparent and costly. Buildings without a formal ventilation system can suffer from high levels of both humidity & indoor pollution, mould growth and heat loss. a-mac Environmental provide modern ventilation solutions to maintain indoor air quality and regulate air movement.


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