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Terrenus Land & Water Ltd

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International House, Hamilton International Park
Stanley Boulevard
County Lanarkshire
G72 0BN

About Terrenus Land & Water Ltd

Terrenus Land & Water Ltd is a Scottish based company that has roots which go back to 2000. We engage in the development of land through consultancy in soil, water and rock specialising in flood risk assessment, geo-technical engineering, contaminated land risk assessment and the design of Sustainable Drainage Systems. As part of the land development process we act for clients involved in land or property acquisition and land development ranging from a single plot to major residential and retail projects and large scale road developments.

Our clients include top quality house builders, Local Authorities, multinational companies, architects, engineers and planning consultants all of whom seek our services to find solutions to problems presented by the natural world and the legacy of past industrial and agricultural activities. By the application of robust and innovative techniques we are able to provide cost effective and environmentally suitable development solutions which are approved by regulators and satisfied clients alike.

In the field of flood risk assessment we provide detailed 1D/2D fluvial and rainfall runoff models ranging in size from a catchment analysis to small watercourses and sites. With respect to drainage we work well in design teams to solve the problems of surface water and foul water management along with SEPA, Scottish Water and local Councils. We undertake site investigations and desk top studies for geo-technical and contaminated land purposes. The assessment of contaminated land includes the scheduling and analysis of soil and water samples in line with current best practise together with the development of appropriate remediation strategies and soil gas mitigation measures.

We are a small and high competent team which is valued by our clients for delivering solutions in a timely and costs effective way. The company is run by William Hume ably assisted by Douglas Aitken and our team of Jennifer, Alex and Johnathan. Providing a solutions based approach to development is out aim and objective. Look us up on our website.


Products & Services

surface water treatment

SEPA licenses

Scottish Water Asset Plans

sea level

Coastal Flood Risk assessments


overland flow assessments

flood risk assessment


Revitalised Flood Hydrograph

Rainfall runoff

Flood Estimation Handbook

hydrological assessment

risk of flooding

groundwater assessments



Sustainable Drainage System

flood risk

rock fall potential

rock face stability

Fracture Index assessments

Solid Core Recovery

Total Core Recovery

Rock Quality Designation

core rock engineering

mine stabilisation

mineral stability

rotary boreholes

intrusive drilling

Coal Mining Risk Assessment

Mine Abandonment Plans

mine shaft capping

mine stabilisation engineering

rock investigation


Environmental Impact Assessments

infiltration tests

Soil Percolation tests

Himalayan Balsam

Giant Hogweed

Japanese Knotweed

Gas Protection Measures

groundwater monitoring

gas monitoring

sulphur impact

spot height information

Leica Geosystem Survey Equipment

existing land raising

slope design

Slope stability modelling

Waste Acceptance Criteria

Water supply pipe determination

greenfield sites


contaminated groundwater

Contaminated Land Risk Assessments

Remediation Strategy

Site Intrusive Ground Investigations,

geotechnical engineering

Contaminated land risk assessment

mine stabilisation

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