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SVR Plastics Limited.

SVR Plastics Limited. Contact Details

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Mr Steven V Rose
Units 5/6 Greenhey Place
Greenhey Place
East Gillibrands
County Skelmersdale
England UK

About SVR Plastics Limited.

SVR Plastics Ltd are leading manufacturers of plastic pipe fabrications for the civil engineering industry. The company celebrates 25 years in business in 2015 and serves a wide customer base, including local authorities, major pipe manufacturers, distributors, and many blue chip organisations. The new SVR brochure is published for the start of 2015. Contact us for a copy or download it at our website.

SVR offer complete flexibility within its product range. Whether a standard product or a bespoke solution, SVR will produce a high quality product to meet your deadline. Our experience enables us to fabricate with HDPE, Polypropylene and PVC, in a wide variety of sizes.

If you can buy the pipe, we can make the fittings, if you can sketch it, we can make it.

Specialist fabrication work is undertaken to suit customer's requirements and specifications

Twin Wall Pipe
SVR’s twin wall range includes plain ended and socketed junctions, saddles, bends and reducers. All fittings can be adapted to accept any twin wall manufacturers pipe, PVC, steel, concrete and clay pipes, and to join any pipe to any other. e.g. Sewer to twin wall. All air tested for sealed systems.

Long radius bend
All Long radius bends can be manufactured to any angle, e.g. 90 degrees, 45 degrees, 30 degrees etc. these can also be adapted to accept any twinwall, clay, concrete or steel pipe. Our specialist bending machines ensure quality is maintained.

Chambers & Access
We have supplied chambers throughout the UK for a variety of applications including railways, highways, sub-stations, golf courses, landfill sites.

SVR can fabricate sampling chambers, catchpits, manholes, inspection chambers (c/w step irons if required), cable turning chambers, leachate chambers, sports turf drainage and heating chambers, soakaways, penstocks and monitoring chambers, all to customer specifications.

These are manufactured using twin wall pipes for diameters up to 1.5mts in diameter, Weholite HDPE pipe is used for diameters up to 3.5mts.

PVC Sewer Pipe
The SVR sewer pipe fittings range offers a wide variety of sizes available in terracotta and grey PVC. All fittings can be spark tested for sealed systems, and are available in 22.5º, 45º, 67.5º and 90º angles for junctions, saddles and bends.

Duct Fittings
Duct fittings and land drainage fittings can be adapted to accept twinwall pipes for non-sealed applications.

For example, 94/110mm, 100/118mm & 150/178mm diameters.

Adaptable Pipe Fittings
All fittings can be adapted to suit any other pipe manufactured throughout the world.

Children’s play tunnels and viewing chambers.
SVR Plastics are able to manufacture children’s play tunnels; these can be as simple as a piece of pipe or a more complicated wildlife viewing area. All systems are manufacture to suit our customer's needs and drawings.

SVR's Staff are fully trained in every aspect of plastic welding fabrication. This enables them to carry out any on-site alterations, including the most complex welding connections. Fully equipped with generators and Plastic welding machines, remaining independent of local power.

All installation of pipe systems are undertaken by third party contractors, SVR Plastics are generally a manufacturing concern.


Best Practice for below ground pits

Gas equipment below ground is often required to be accessed in a below ground pit. Items such as Flow meters are typical. Traditionally pits are made of brick and mortar construction. These require repair or replacement as they get older, and the covers can often become corroded and difficult to lift.
A suitable alternative for a new installation or replacement has been found in using a large diameter PE rigiduct with spigots for cables. The pit comes ready formed to your specification for installation.
BBA approved Moulded Twinwall fittings

We now stock moulded twin wall fittings to suit 150mm diameter, 225mm diameter and 300mm diameter. This will enable you to buy fittings to suit any twin wall on the market today.

SVR Plastics Limited. General Description

Plastic pipe fabrication company in Lancashire UK
SVR Plastics Limited. Branches
SVR Plastics Limited
Units 5/6 Greenhey Place, WN8 9SA
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SVR Plastics Limited
Units 5/6 Greenhey Place, WN8 9SA
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SVR Plastics Limited
Units 5/6 Greenhey Place, Greenhey Place
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