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Paul Cook Plant

Paul Cook Plant

We search for used heavy equipment, attachments or parts
If you are looking for a used heavy or light machinery attachment or a specific part? We can help you to find it.

Selling heavy equipment and attachment
If you want to sell some heavy or light machinery or any attachments? Simply send us your pictures and details of the equipment and we will do our best to sell it for you.

Evaluation of Equipment
A) If you need to evaluate a piece of equipment, or an entire fleet in order to receive financing or even for a gross asset sale, we will get you a full report of the market value along with it's technical file, pictures and videos.

B) If you manage business abroad and need an opinion and report on some heavy equipment you plan on buying, we are available to go and evaluate that equipment on the spot and throughout Europe, Asia, North America and particularly for Quebec Canada in fact anywhere in the world.

Representation during an auction
If you don't have the time to go to an auction? We can do it for you! Simply specify the equipment that interests you and the price you are willing to pay and we will gladly represent you!
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