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J D Smith Stonemasons Ltd
J D Smith Stonemasons Ltd is a full stonemasonry service in Edinburgh established in 1975. We are among the oldest, most complete and trusted stonemasons in Edinburgh and The Lothians. At the centre of our design philosophy are traditional stonemasonry skills and crafts combined with the best of modern technology to continue preserving Edinburgh’s rich and striking historical heritage. We bring this alluring stone presence and beauty to a wide marketplace at highly competitive prices.

Over the last 4 decades, we have honed our traditional values to perfection and are always willing to pass on our stonemasonry craft to future craftsmen and stonemasons in order to keep the tradition alive. We are a locally owned, family-run business – we are highly professional and truly unique in our approach as we will undertake your project from initial contract to the final project sign-off.

Master Craftsmen and Stonemasons
Our team at J D Smith Stonemasons Ltd is pro-active, professional and 100% responsive in their approach. They will keep you in the loop at all times, from the initial budgeting stage to the design, building and installation, and completion stage. We engage you from a fairly early stage in the contract, sharing valuable technical expertise so that the design concepts which materialise are of the highest quality.

Our stonemasonry servicemen provide a full installation and conservation service which includes detailed drawings and plans which are shared with you at every stage of the project. Our stonemasons have the skills and experience to liaise with you builder or architect so that the contract is seen through efficiently and smoothly.

All our stonemasons are put through comprehensive in-house as well as hands-on training. The real-world experience they gain is furthered by intimate knowledge of every common stone type there is, and that is how they learn to make the most of it during the masonry process. Our masons boast an extraordinary level of competence and are well-versed in all areas of stonemasonry, be it building and installation, repairs, conservation or cleaning.

We are a full service stonemason in Edinburgh and provide a complete range of stonemasonry services:
  • Stone Construction and Repair
  • Stone Conservation
  • Lime Pointing
  • Walls, Buildings and Chimneys
  • Lithomex Repairs for Stone Conservation and Restoration
  • Garden and Rubble Walls
  • Bridges and Structures (Local Authority Approved) Stone Carving and Lettering
  • Stone Cleaning
J D Smith Stonemasons Ltd
6 Newhailes Business Park
Newhailes Road
EH21 6RH
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