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Unique Resins Limited

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25 - 27 Glasgow Street
Bon Lea Industrial Estate
County Teeside
TS17 7AH

About Unique Resins Limited

The home of hard-wearing, fast-setting, waterproof & chemical resistant, sealing, coating and lining systems for industry.

Whether you are looking for a resilient roof coating, a hard-wearing foor coating, a protective chemical resistant coating or simply a robust waterproofing system – Unique Resins have the solution for you.

Our team of specialist technical consultants are on-hand ready to provide you with in-depth information on our systems and their applications – whether it’s to provide a specific on-site assessment or simply a call to guide you on the best uses and applications for particular projects, your needs are important to us and we take your satisfaction seriously.

All of our coating solutions are designed to be fast applied and even faster drying to limit downtime. Browse through our website to see the different applications our products are used for. Once you’ve read enough simply submit a call back request and we’ll give you a call right away to answer any remaining questions you may have.

Flooring Solutions

- Carpark Decking
Unique Resins's carpark decking solution is a high performance, fast-setting waterproofing system that protects concrete, timber, masonry and steel structures from deterioration by water and chloride ions.

- Hygienic Floor Coverings
Unique Resins are experts in hygienic and non slip flooring for all aspects of food production and preparation. Our hygienic floor coatings adhere to safety and hygiene standards whilst also meeting the unique demands of food preparation businesses.

- Retail & Leisure Flooring
Industrial strength flooring doesn't need to be dull. Unique Resins provide a full range of robust, hard-wearing industrial floor coatings that combine function with form.

- Balcony Coatings
Unique Resins balcony coatings are versatile, highly durable, slip resistant coating solutions perfect for balconies, walkways and stadiums. Colourful balcony coatings. Our balcony coverings are available in a full range of colours and finishes.

Roofing Solutions

- Industrial Roof Coatings
Whether you are looking for industrial roof refurbishment, roof repairs, a new waterproof insulated roof or to bring a tired old roof back into service, Unique Resins have the industrial roof coatings solution for you.

- Green Roofing
Green roofing, also known as 'green roofs', 'vegetative roofs’, ‘living roofs’, ‘eco-roofs’ and 'sedum roofs' are roofing systems where living plants are installed on top of conventional roofs. A green roof can keep your buildings cooler, save energy, enhance the useful life of the roof, and add beauty and useable space.

- Roof Repairs & Roof Refurbishment
The Unique Resins range of roof coatings solutions are perfect for roof repairs and roof refurbishment.

- Flat Roofing
The Unique Resins range of roof coatings solutions are perfect for roof repairs and roof refurbishment.

- Roof Waterproofing
The Unique Resins range of roof coatings solutions are perfect for roof repairs and roof refurbishment.

Coating Solutions

- Asbestos Encapsulation
Asbestos encapsulation, is the fast, safe and cost-effective alternative to expensive asbestos removal. If the asbestos in your building or on your roof is in relatively good condition and just needs making watertight and a few repairs then asbestos encapsulation is certainly the best solution.

- Basement Waterproofing
Our range of basement waterproofing solutions are incredibly versatile and long lasting. Project range from waterproofing basement car parks through to internally and externally waterproofing the basements of new build properties at the early stages in their development.

- Cladding Coatings
Unique Resins specialise in cladding coatings, including cladding refurbishment, cladding spraying and cladding painting. Our cladding coatings can be easily spray applied, meaning in most cases that there will be little, if not no, downtime of your building.

Lining Solutions

- Bund Linings
Unique Resins Bund linings are ideal for liquid containment facilities. Our robust coating solutions for bunds ensure your bund will be fit for purpose in the event of a leak or catastrophic failure.

- Swimming Pool Refurbishment and Swimming Pool Linings
Over time, traditional pool linings can crack and deteriorate, allowing water to leak into the pool surroundings. Unique Resins's swimming pool coatings ensure your swimming pool is coated to last.

- Aquarium Coatings
Spray applied, watertight, fish friendly, and QUICK! Aquarium coatings from Unique Resins are ideal for waterproofing and lining aquariums and fishponds.

- Zoo Enclosure Linings
Our hardwearing, fast applied, seamless and waterproof resin linings are perfect for zoo enclosures, be it for internal enclosures, external enclosures or aquarium enclosures.


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