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Polymer Compounders Limited

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Edwardson Road, Meadowfield

About Polymer Compounders Limited

Polymers compounded to your specifications

Since our creation in 1993 PCL have progressively increased the product range it offers to now include ABS, Polycarbonate, PC/ABS alloys, ASA and other engineering thermoplastics.

Our versatile manufacturing plant allows us to offer tailored materials, as demanded by your application.

What really differentiates us is the service we offer to our customers; from rapid colour matching, outstanding technical support and first-class product quality through to flexibility on the quantity ordered and super-fast delivery from our production plant in Durham, UK.

Automotive & Transportation
PCL’s offer of excellent product consistency, fast colour match, flexibility on the ordered quantity and short lead time is extremely attractive for the Automotive and Transportation industry.

Lighting, Building & HVAC
All our products are manufactured with very strict colour tolerances and consistent gloss level.

Our customers are telling us how much this is essential for applications where different parts are made at different moulders, in order to enhance product aesthetic and avoid a high level of reject at final assembly.

For the lighting industry, we offer grades with GWIT approval. We can also develop a product customised for your diffusivity and transmission specifications.

Hygiene and Personal Care
We offer products which are chemically resistant to most household liquids.

In addition, our polycarbonate grade PCCOM PC410 is WRAS approved (BS6920:1-2000 standard) in natural, and can be delivered to you via our next day service.

PCL is also ISO9001:2015 certified. All our products are manufactured with very strict colour tolerances and consistent gloss level to enhance your product aesthetic. Our precise ingredient control allows us to produce electronically stable materials for use in lab/scientific equipment.

Leisure and Outdoor Equipment
A range of our products are developed to have excellent weatherability both in terms of colours and mechanical properties, therefore are perfect for outdoor use.

The colour consistency of our products will support your brand awareness. Our full colour matching service and fast production lead times are very much appreciated by our customers in this industry. We can help you bring your product to market in a very short time which is crucial to success, especially for seasonal products or when aesthetic trends are changing fast.

Quality Promise
The PCL compounding process involves high shear mixing, twin screw vacuum vented extrusion and underwater die face cut pellet presentation – all of which leads to optimum colour consistency, batch to batch reproduction and free flowing pellets packaged in either 25 kilo bags or bulk containers as required.

Our Services

Application Development
We can help you with new product design and material selection. Our technical team has a thorough knowledge of polymers and continually explore product and technical innovations to enable you to benefit from better technical and aesthetic performance or productivity. Discussing your project from its conception allows selection of the most appropriate resin for the end-use application and your manufacturing process.

Colour Matching
A full colour matching service including plaques or sample is available. We know how critical it is for you to be able to approve your new colour quickly and we offer a very fast turn-around.

Technical Support
We can help you test and analyse your materials or trouble-shoot issues that may arise during your process. Our well equipped laboratory is able to measure colour, polymer structure and composition as well as mechanical, thermal and flammability properties. We also have links with external institutions in order to increase our testing and analysis capacity.


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