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Temperature Applied Sciences Ltd

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Tim Stevens
Goring Business Park
County West Sussex
BN12 4HF

About Temperature Applied Sciences Ltd

Environmental Test Chamber Range

Series 3
Thermal Vacuum
Stress Screening
Fixed and Mobile Conditioning
Plant Growth
Blast Freezers
Walk-In Test Rooms
Heat Pump Test Rooms

Temperature Applied Sciences Ltd has over 50 years worth of experience. We design and manufacture a large product range covering most temperature control applications as standard or bespoke to your requirements.

To find out more about TAS and the services we offer, please contact us on 01903 506903 or through our contact page.

Builds with Special Features
TAS manufacture and install Stress Screening Chamber for Contract Electronics Manufacturer, +180°C to -70°C, 30°C per min linear using mechanical refrigeration
Ultra Low Environmental Chamber for Mars Climate Simulation, +150 to -128.5°C using mechanical refrigeration (no LN2)
2 off Blast Freezers for historic document preservation
3 off Environmental Stress Screening Systems, +180°C to -70°C, 20°C per min linear, LN2 cooled
Special Series 3 MT1000 Test Chamber to an Automotive Customer, temperature range -40°C to +300°C, mechanical cooling and Vibration Interface

Some of the most notable, interesting and diverse Test Rooms manufactured and installed in recent months include:
Heat Pump Test Room for developing new, low carbon heating technologies
Climatic Controlled room incorporated into a moving simulator to replicate office environments within skyscrapers
High stability Climatic Test Room for Load Cells
A compact Test Room for evaluating Radar Systems
A highly specialised Environmental Test Room for IEC testing
Environmental Test Room for test and design of new energy efficient building materials
Two large Environmental Test Room (67,500 litres) for the Defence Industry with temperature range -75°C to +80°C and 10 to 98%rh.
5 off Plant Growth Rooms with CO2 enrichment

For more information please feel free to Contact us


Products & Services

Temperature Storage Facilities

vacuum environmental chamber

Second hand vacuum chamber

thermal test chamber controller

refurbished test chamber

freeze thaw testing

conditioning chamber

small environmental chamber

relative humidity chamber

environmental stress screening

thermal test chambers

altitude test chamber

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EN14511 Test Chamber

Vaccine low temperature

Vaccine Transportation

cold chain vaccine storage

dust chamber

environmental test centre

ultra low temperature environmental chamber

IP Rating testing

test chamber service and repair

large environmental chambers

calibration temperature chamber

IP Testing

in house testing

thermal testing equipment

temperature testing machine

constant temperature chamber

mobile conditioning unit

environmental testing of electronic products

vacuum test chamber

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Series 3 Test Chamber

Temperature Rental Testing

Walk-in Test Room

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light chambers for photolysis testing

Temperature Room

Test Room

combined temperature and vibration testing

PCB testing

vacuum chamber for resin

Vaccine Storage

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plant incubators

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salt spray chamber temperature and humidity sensor

Heat Pump Testing

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temperature ramp rates

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Manufacturer of Vaccine Storage

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EN14511 Test Chamber

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Heat Pump Testing

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Test Chambers

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