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About Voltaic Energy Systems

PV Solar Panels
PV Solar Panels will power your home, heat your water, power your electric car, save you money and help the environment by reducing your dependence on fossil fuels. Adding PV Solar Panels to your home will also improve the energy rating of your home, which in turn, will increase the value of your home.

What’s not to love about PV Solar Panels?
Voltaic Energy Systems will provide you with all the information that you need to make an informed decision when it comes to adding Pv Solar Panels to your home & lifestyle.

How Do I Know If PV Solar Panels Will Suit Me?
  • Do you use electricity?
  • Do you have roof space?
  • Do you want to save money?
  • Do you want to be able to sell electricity back to the grid?
  • Do you want to save the environment?
  • Do you own your home?
We offer a free, no obligation home survey. We can work out with you whether your home is suitable for Pv Solar Panels or not. If your home is suitable, we can identify what size system will meet your needs, and how much that Pv solar panel system will cost and save you.

Attic Insulation For Your Home | Spray Foam Done Rite!
Does your home get cold as soon as you turn the heating off? If the answer is “Yes” it means that your home is not retaining the heat. This is normally due to poor insulation in your home.

Attic insulation can help reduce your heating bills by as much as 70%. When your home is well insulated it will hold the heat in for longer, which means that you will need to turn your heating on less than before. Some people have reported cutting their use of oil/gas down to 2 hours per day in winter after installing spray foam attic insulation. Good attic insulation has a positive effect on the environment as well as your wallet. You will need to use less damaging fossil fuels to keep your home warm!

How Do I Know If My House Needs Spray Foam Insulation?
  • Does your home turn cold soon after you turn the heat off
  • Do you feel drafts/wind blowing through your home
  • Does your home feel cold & damp
  • Do you spend a lot of money on heating your home
Spray Foam Insulation
The attic insulation that we offer is spray foam insulation. Spray Foam Insulation is an expanding foam that is sprayed between the rafters of the attic. Once the spray foam is set, it will last 25+ years.

We use both open and closed cell foam. Open cell spray foam is most popular for attic insulation in domestic homes. It is easily retrofitted to existing homes. Open cell spray foam is a popular choice for domestic homes, old and new. Closed cell spray foam is mostly used in commercial builds/farm sheds or on old slate roofs.

When insulating the attic roof, the idea is to cover every nook and cranny. It is important to use vent cards to ensure that the wooden lats can breathe and to avoid moisture build up in the attic space. Vent cards are placed between the tiles, and the spray foam insulation, to create a 50mm air gap as required by building regulations.

Talk To Our EV Charger Team To Find The Best Solution For You
Electric Vehicles are they are most effective way to combat climate change and you can install an ev charger in your home. Irelands aim is to be 100% carbon neutral by 2050 which mean that all modes of transport will be powered by electricity by 2050. The aim is to have all petrol and diesel vehicles off the Irish roads by 2050!

Benefits Of Electric Vehicles
If you have an electric car and you want the convenience of charging your car from home, we can offer you the world class, market leading EV charger “Zappi”

The Zappi EV charger works by connecting to your electrical fuse board in your home. You can charge your car directly from the grid and it also works hand in hand with pv solar panels, so if you have pv solar panels on your home your panels will help to charge your car too. The Zappi EV Charger comes with an eco mode that when switched on, will only charge your car with power from your Pv panels.

You have the option to purchase the car charger and have it installed yourself or we can offer you the full service.

There is a grant of €600 per household available for the purchase and installation of EV chargers in your home.

For more information please feel free to Contact us


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