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Synergy Estimates Ltd

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Kevin Whitby
Whalley Avenue
North West England
County Lancashire
M21 8TU

About Synergy Estimates Ltd

Construction Cost Estimators Greater Manchester

We are here to provide you with highly accurate and detailed building cost estimates. Our estimates instil confidence in your customers and help you stand out from the crowd when bidding for jobs. All estimates are customisable to your own needs including your own plant, labour and material rates. Our service is for builders, self builders and architects.

Building Cost Estimators
Synergy Estimates are construction cost estimators, we believe our service is second to none.
As a leading construction cost estimating service in the UK, we help builders, self-builders and architects to save time and money with accurate and affordable estimates. Every report we create uses our software and the knowledge of experienced estimators.

Reasonable rates and a fast turnaround mean you can prove affordability and cost for the construction of extensions, new builds, and self builds. We work with teams on construction projects across the UK and stay current with local rates, so you get accurate estimate prices and building costs.

Who Are We?
  • At Synergy estimates, we are specialist construction experts who provide quantified labour and material estimates for builders, architects and self-builders.
  • Our work helps you to save time, and we work to a set fee. Send your project documents using the submit drawings function and pay for the service then we'll give you the answers
  • You can set up your own profile for labour, material and plant costs so its accurate and bespoke to your area and costs.

Why Choose Synergy Estimates?
  • We work intensively and personally with builders, self-builders, project managers and architects to create accurate build estimates. Our clients achieve unprecedented success in moving their build projects to completion.
  • Our can-do attitude means you don't even have to pay for minor tweaks to the final reports. As a small company that is known for being friendly and helpful – no query is too small. We go the extra mile to get all the information you need and create an exceptional working relationship.

We promise to deliver outstanding service for you, when providing labour and material estimates with our highly experienced online estimators.
Synergy Estimates are leading domestic construction online estimators for builders, architects, and project managers in the UK. We provide labour and material estimates that can be customised to your requirements. In addition to that you will receive a written estimate, a copy for your client and material breakdown.

The estimating team at Synergy will provide you with all the information you need to tender and build with confidence. We are an online estimating company, but most importantly we are always available to talk on the phone to offer support in using our estimators online service.

The approach we use is to get to know your business and focus on ensuring the data in your records includes your plant rates, labour rates and anything specific to your project.

Estimating Services for the construction industry
At Synergy our online estimating services are designed with our clients in mind because we have spent years understanding what is needed for an accurate estimate. We always ensure the builders, architects and self builders we work with have all their estimating needs met. Our labour and material quantified estimates are generally used for domestic and residential construction projects throughout the UK.

Clients range from building companies that send us multiple jobs per week to self-builders who want one estimate, we also work regularly with architects and developers. We are happy to quote for bespoke projects large and small, our price can be adjusted to reflect the complexity of the job.

There are many benefits to working with us but most importantly we provide full professional support from beginning to end of your project.


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