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Mr Malcolm Ginns
Rosevale Street
DG13 0DS

About Solway Ecology Consulting Ltd

We provide real-world solutions

Solway Ecology offers a wide range of ecological consulting services throughout Scotland and the North of England. Since its foundation in 2016, Solway Ecology has delivered a diverse range of protected species, ornithological and habitat projects for a range of private and public sector clients including the Forestry Commission. We look at each case strategically from an ecological, economic and social perspective to provide our clients with real world solutions whilst protecting vulnerable flora and fauna.

Solway Ecology undertake a range of habitat surveys for a wide range of clients. Our habitat survey experience includes the long-established Phase 1 Habitat survey protocol as well as the more recent UK Habitat Classification (UK Hab) methodology. In addition, alongside our specialist associates we over National Vegetation Classification (NVC) survey, River Habitat Survey and Fish Habitat Survey.

Our services at a glance:
  • UK Habitat Classification Survey
  • Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey
  • National Vegetation Classification Survey
  • River Habitat Survey
  • Fish Habitat Survey

Ecological solutions for the forestry industry
Solway Ecology has carried out a number of projects within the forestry sector including ecological assessments for the high profile holiday lodge and tourism infrastructure development at Forestry Commission Scotland’s Glentress site, near Peebles in the Scottish Borders.

Protected species are not only likely to be resident within commercial forest plantations, but sometimes, they can be found in abundance. This is especially so in Scotland where forests experience low-levels of disturbance from people, especially away from forest trails. Being large and remote, forest sites present their own challenges requiring the use of high-spec GPS equipment. Furthermore, workable light beneath the forest canopy in the winter months can be as little as 5 hours.

Ecological solutions for housing developers
Solway Ecology offers a full range of ecological and ornithological services related to all types of residential development, from single dwellings to entire housing estates.

Our services will support you in the planning application process and ensure that the construction phase is legally compliant. We can also ensure that any post-construction monitoring requirements are successfully met.

Ecological solutions for urban developers
Solway Ecology is focussed on providing real-world ecological solutions for its clients across a range of sectors including urban development and transportation projects including schools, hospitals and other public facilities.

Drawing on our expertise, we manage the scope and focus of Environmental Impact Assessments, working with our clients and all stakeholders to provide robust assessments that can stand up to detailed scrutiny.

Ecological solutions for land use
At Solway Ecology, we understand the pressures on landscape including climate change and associated mitigation measures through to rural developments.

Taking a pragmatic, landscape-led approach to managing change, we carry out a range of robust services from research to evidence-based assessments for statutory bodies and local planning authorities as well as providing phase 1 habitat surveys, protected species surveys, monitoring and licensing, preliminary ecological appraisals, ecological impact assessments, habitat/species management plans, riparian surveys, monitoring and mitigation and bird surveys.

Ecological solutions for the renewable energy sector
Solway Ecology is able to assist with a range of ecological services in relation to renewable energy projects such as windfarms, hydro-electric, solar installations and micro renewables.

Our services include preliminary ecological appraisals, bird surveys and collision risk assessments, river habitat surveys, fish habitat surveys, water quality monitoring and clerk of works.

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