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About Wire Guards UK

Buy Wire Mesh Guards here - Wire Guards UK
At wire-guards-uk you will find all your protective wire mesh guard needs. These metal wire guards are perfect for situations where you need to protect an object from an individual or animal, or vice versa. For example a thief may want to disable a floodlight so as not to be seen. Our wire guard for floodlights could make the difference as to whether the thief is successful or not. Or perhaps the situation is that you need to prevent a vulnerable individual from getting too close to a hot radiator. This would be the perfect situation for our radiator wire guard. These guards allow the radiator to heat a room normally while at the same time maintaining a safe distance from the heat source.

Our wire mesh guards are available in either an electro-galvanised or a powder coated white finish. We also can provide custom made metal guards to suit individual applications not covered on this website. Please feel free to call us regarding any of your applications.

Please note that the dimensions stated on our products are the dimensions of the actual wire mesh guard itself. You will need to allow adequate space between the guard and the product the guard is for.

Wire Mesh Guards
Our wire mesh guards are used to either protect equipment from being interfered with, or to prevent a person or animal from getting too close to a piece of equipment. For example, fluorescent or led light fittings are generally not the sturdiest of items. However with a wire mesh light guard placed around the fitting, it will provide an added layer of protection from potential vandalism or accidental damage.

In certain cases there may be a need to protect an individual from an object. This could be the case in a center where there may be vulnerable individuals. A steel guard placed around a radiator or heater can prevent harm to such individuals. You will find such wire mesh light guards here in this section.

Floodlight Guards
Why choose our wire mesh floodlight guard? A functional floodlight means you can see potential dangers. But if your floodlight were to be disabled by an individual then this could invite trouble. Our wire mesh guards are made of steel and so are intrinsically strong. This means that even if the wire mesh guard were to receive a blow from a projectile, your floodlight would remain operational. Further to this our wire mesh guards are galvanised. This makes them suitable for internal or external applications.

Please remember that the guard dimensions stated are for the guard itself. So please measure the floodlight that you need protecting and choose a guard that will fit over the floodlight leaving adequate space around it.

Radiator Wire Guards
What is the application for a radiator or heater wire mesh guards? Particularly where there are vulnerable individuals there may be a need to prevent such individuals from getting too close to the heat source. Or maybe you need a metal guard to reduce the chance of individuals tampering with the heating controls. Our wire mesh guards are perfect in these instances. Remember that the dimensions shown for these wire guards are the dimensions of the guard itself. Please allow adequate space between the protective guard and the heater itself

Round Wire Guards
These wire mesh guards are suitable for applications such as protecting a clocks in a gym. Participants in competitive sports can often throw or project a ball at a speed that could cause damage to a clock. Our wire mesh guards prevent such a situation because they are made from electro-galvanised steel. This makes them suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Custom Size Wire Guards
Request a quotation for a custom wire mesh guard. Please provide as much information as possible. Please indicate whether the dimensions you are giving are for the device that will be surrounded by the guard, or for the guard itself. Information such as whether you need access panels cut within the wire mesh guard would be helpful and the size of the access panel that you need. All our wire mesh guards are made of steel and electro-galvanised plated . Please state if you require the mesh guard to be white powder coated.


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