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Jason McVeigh
29 Tullagh Drive
County Co. Tyrone
BT80 8ED

About Peerless Homes

Professional and Progressive Timber Frame Manufacturer
Peerless Homes is a leading specialist in timber frame homes and has over 30 years’ experience with contractors, developers and self-builders across the UK & Ireland.

We are fully committed to providing client-focused solutions and end-to-end project management which delivers the highest quality results and ensures customer satisfaction. Our industry expertise combined with our forward-thinking approach means we are a reliable and trustworthy choice for your next construction project. We strive to provide sustainable, diverse and industry-leading timber frame solutions.

Our Services
We offer an extensive range of service, from new builds to renovations.

Timber frame houses are a great choice for self-builders for so many reasons. As timber frame is known for its extremely quick construction on-site, weather becomes much less of a problem. Self-build projects need to be flexible to suit different budgets, and timber frame allows for this. Peerless Homes aim to provide customers with the highest quality, sustainable timber frame self-build houses.

Our goal is to help homeowners achieve their dreams. We supply high quality, sustainable timber frame kits for self-build and commercial home developers across the UK and Ireland. Our bespoke service involves cutting-edge manufacturing processes and timber frame solutions, as well as a highly professional, one-to-one service that delivers a fully customised product which fulfils all your self-build and home design goals.

Supply & Erect
Peerless Homes work closely with you to ensure that your timber frame designs are achievable and viable. We can supply and construct your timber frame home, with full end-to-end project management which delivers the highest quality results and ensures customer satisfaction from start to finish.

Once we have sat down with you and discussed all your design goals, we will build and erect a timber frame solution and ensure that your expectations are met and exceeded. Providing a fully client-focused timber frame solution is extremely important to us. This way, we can provide a personalised service and ensure that customers are happy with their new timber frame constructions.

Timber frame construction is an excellent alternative for the construction of commercial buildings and additional buildings for organisations. Timber frame buildings are cost effective, quick to construct, environmentally sustainable and extremely long lasting. Our team at Peerless Homes will work with you to supply the timber frame solutions you need, and we can also design and erect the structures for you. The sustainability, thermal insulation and environmental friendliness means that timber frame commercial buildings are very energy efficient helping to reduce heating and cooling costs.

Our collaborative approach means that we can guide our clients and work alongside project teams to deliver successful commercial projects across the UK and Ireland. We want to become a part of your team so that you can benefit from our technical expertise whilst also ensuring commercial projects are on time and on budget.

Renovations & Restorations
Peerless Homes provide full project management of house renovations and restorations. This includes extensions, second-fix work and fixing joiner work. Our expertise and client-first approach mean we work closely with you to achieve your design expectations.

Timber frame extensions are quick to assemble, cost-effective and energy efficient, and offer a huge range of design possibilities. Peerless Homes can provide timber frame extensions that add a significant amount of space to your existing home. Whether your home or business needs remodelling to make better use of the space or requires a total renovation, we can complete full renovation and restoration projects, managed and monitored from start to finish so that our timber frame solutions can give a new lease of life to homes and buildings.

Property Developers
Peerless Homes work with property developers, construction companies and architects to assist on timber frame projects. We can collaborate with builders and developers to manufacture and install timber frame solutions for single buildings or multiple building developments.

We work towards creating the best quality homes in a short amount of time, so that developers can achieve a high return on their investment. We can assist property developers on numerous projects of varying types and sizes.

Garden Lodge
Peerless Homes are committed to unique, forward-thinking and diverse construction. Our timber frame Garden Lodges offer something different. Their versatility and space can add another element to your existing home and garden. Built to last during the ever-changing UK weather, these garden cabins are a great addition of space and can be used as an office, additional accommodation or simply as a place to relax.

We will work closely with you to ensure these timber frame lodges are completed to your specification and are of the highest quality. Each garden lodge is bespoke – designed and manufactured to your exact specification so that it can fulfil its purpose for your home.


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