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Chris Sugden
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About Hydro-Mineral

Hydro-Mineral provides you with efficient technical solutions for the protection of your heritage. Effective and easy to use, our new generation of Mineralizers, Water Repellents and Cleaners adapt to the requirements and needs of professionals. With more than 30 years of research, laboratory and multiple on-site testing, Hydro-Mineral is today recognized as “the specialist in mineral chemistry”.

Respect For Our Environment And Heritage
Today, we are all aware of the challenges of global warming. As an industrialist, we need to think about ways to produce and consume better. Each of us prefers to use natural materials that are healthier for our health and the environment.

Our products have been developed with the aim of achieving more effective, sustainable treatments, in line with the environment and the application support. Mineralization implies adding silica into the material. Silica has the same life span as glass, about 4000 years. It is one of the main components of our planet and does not come from fossil fuels. In harmony with the environment and materials, mineralization is not sensitive to UV or abrasion and therefore does not release any decomposition products.

The materials consist of small holes on the surface and a network of small channels inside. The capillaries form a very branched network connecting the internal cavities of the material to each other, thus defining its porosity characteristics. The size of the orifices and capillaries varies from one millimeter to one micron, just like the size of a hair.

The diversity of material structures is the reason for the development of two families of mineralizers in our range: Water-based products and bio-solvent products. While aqueous products will be used on highly porous materials, bio-solvent products will be much more effective on low porous materials.

In each of the two product families, mineralisers are divided into several formulations to respond in the most appropriate way to the problems encountered. Thus it is 7 standard mineralizers that we offer you in our range, in addition to the specific products made to order by our laboratory according to your particular specifications.

An important part of the successful completion of a water repellent treatment is the preparation of the substrate. This is even more true in our case because the mineralization will forever lock up in the material any traces or dirt that have not been cleaned. To this end, we offer cleaners developed and tested by our laboratory to provide maximum efficiency, without attacking the material, while protecting the applicator.

The Mineralization - The report
One of the first observations we can make concerns the migration of water to the core of the material that can reach the steel reinforcement of concrete constructions and oxidize them. Carbonation will degrade the concretes and will be responsible for exposing their steel reinforcements. In both cases, the swelling of the steel due to rust will cause concrete splinters and weakening of the structure.

Other observations lead us to observe the evolution of materials under the effect of freeze/thaw in some regions of the world. The water in the porosities will swell and cause the material to burst, giving rise to a larger porosity. This new structure of the material will be able to absorb more water, as the porosity is greater, which in turn will have a greater damaging effect by freezing. Thus the flaking, the deterioration of stones or concretes by freezing, is exponential over time.

Fields Of Application
All porous mineral supports can be mineralized: stones, terracotta, concretes, slates, granites, plaster, tiles, tile joints, etc.

Laboratory tests
The term “Mineralizer” has developed a lot in recent years in France, but we must be careful, not all Mineralizers give the same result. The development of our products and the problems encountered by some other manufacturers have shown us that it is possible to obtain an effect contrary to that desired.
  • Microscopic imaging
  • Mold development test
  • Pull out test
  • Porosity test
  • Imbition test
  • Slipperiness test
  • Graffiti resistance test
  • Stain resistance test
  • Hardness test
  • High pressure cleaning resistance test
Our knowledge of silica and materials and our years of research, laboratory tests and field applications have enabled us to develop high-performance formulations with a quality production system. Our products have been developed to provide lasting protection for your mineral spaces and extend their lifespan. As such, we have at your disposal more than 30 test reports carried out in various independent laboratories.

Our laboratory, the LRDTM, is dedicated to you:
We control the mechanical quality of our customers’ materials: cohesion, hardness, porosity, slipperiness and accelerated aging in climatic chambers. We perform microscopic imaging to better understand the nature of your materials as well as the reaction obtained after mineralization. At the request of our customers, we also perform slipperiness or tearing tests directly on construction sites before and after mineralization.


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