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20-22 Wenlock Road
N1 7GU

About Track and Test Ltd

Track & Test Ltd. are specialists in Electricity Safety Testing Nationwide
London based, our areas of expertise are PAT Testing from £0.65p per test and Fixed Wire Testing (ECIR) and inspection from £8.00 per circuit.

Our dedicated and fully qualified network team of London/Nationwide based electrical engineers offer nationwide PAT testing and Fixed Wire Testing (ECIR) for industrial, local authorities, residential homes, letting agents, schools colleges, facilities management companies, electrical organisations and retail outlets.

PAT Testing
  • Specialists in electrical safety testing nationwide
  • We work weekends at no extra cost
  • We work Bank Holidays at no extra cost
  • Testing from just 65p per test

  • Ensures your insurance is valid
  • Meet your Health & Safety requirements
  • All quoted prices are the same nationwide
  • CALL NOW ON 0203 972 1435

What is a Portable Appliance?
Portable equipment which is not part of a fixed installation but when used is connected to a fixed installation (or a generator) by means of a flexible cable, plug and socket, constitutes a portable appliance. It includes equipment that is hand held or hand operated while connected to the power supply. It also includes extension leads, power leads, plugs and sockets, and cord sets that supply portable equipment and are not part of the fixed installation, since they operate in the same environment and are subject to similar use as the equipment they serve.

Why is a portable appliance test needed?
  • To make sure it is safe to use
  • To make sure your company meets the requirements of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations
  • To make sure your Insurance is valid
  • To meet Health & Safety requirements
  • To meet the requirements stated in The Electricity at Work Regulations
What is included in the PAT Testing cost
  • Rewiring of plug-top cables
  • Changing of standard plug-tops to meet BS standards
  • Updating of fuses cartridges to correct rating
  • A unique number for each appliance
  • A failure report detailing what’s failed and why
  • A certificate of passed appliances
What Is Involved In A PAT Test?
The engineer does a formal visual inspection and an electrical test. The formal visual inspection part checks for the following:
  • Is the appliance in general good condition and suitable for the use
  • Is the appliance working (function test)
  • The lead is in good condition and safe
  • Is it free from damage and nicks or cuts which could cause injury?
  • Is the cable fitted properly to the plug?
  • Does it switch on/off properly to allow you to isolate the power, if needed?
  • Is there any damage to the external parts?
  • Is the correct fuse fitted? We check the rating
  • Signs of internal damage or signs of tampering?
Lastly, we carry out ...
​A functional check – we power up the appliance to ensure that it is working normally. The appliance is then labelled accordingly as a PASS or FAIL, and the date due for next inspection or just the test date is indicated (4th Edition).

Safety Testing
  • Earth Continuity Testing (Class 1 Equipment)
  • Insulation Resistance Testing (Class 1 and 2)
  • Protective Conductor/Touch Current Testing
Fixed Wire Testing
Most electrical installations suffer damage and deterioration throughout their operational life, which makes Fixed Wire Testing essential in confirming the safe operation of the installation.
  • Highly experienced/qualified engineers
  • Great pricing matched with our superior service
  • Quality reporting
Emergency Lighting Design, Installation And Testing
You can never predict when you may need it, therefore it’s vital that your emergency lighting is of highly quality and regularly tested to ensure it complies with BS 5266-1.

Thermographic Surveys
Prevention is always better than cure, especially where electricity is concerned. A professional thermal survey allows you to detect electrical faults before the components fail. Due to the testing being non-intrusive, it’s extremely fast and efficient.

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December 14, 2019
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January 09, 2019
Great team of people who know their job. Highly recommended
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Nationwide electrical safety testing
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