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Securakey Access Ltd

Securakey Access Ltd Contact Details

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Mr Thomas Baker
Owl House
16 Lake Grove Road
New Milton
County Hampshire
BH25 5LA

About Securakey Access Ltd

Are you looking to improve your business with Access Readers? Then you’ll be pleased to know that Securakey UK offer the perfect solution to security at your premises.

Here at Securakey we specialise in the manufacture of readers, cards and systems. Securakey UK, provide simple off-line reader applications for private car parks, small offices and membership clubs. Securakey also manufacture on-line readers, interfaces and hardware for other application integrators, to develop software of their choosing.

Securakey UK can accommodate most of your access or, automation needs, with a network of distributors and installers operating throughout the country

What we offer
A full range of Securakey access control products with National Technical support through our network of preferred installers.

Is a full range of Securakey ACCESS CONTROL products with National technical support through our network of preferred installers, which is growing every month so why not find out more ?

What does that mean to you as the “end user ?” first class service locally.

Securakey UK, are large providers of access control readers and cards to the gate automation and barrier industries. This is due to the weather and vandal resistant properties of the readers and reliability of the electronics and durability of the card technologies available.

We also offer membership clubs through our wide installer network, a range of readers and turnstiles, assisting them in controlling who goes where and when and the collection of membership fees.

For the Total Control of Movement of vehicles and property think Securakey Access Control products.

Access Control
Here at Securakey UK, we offer high quality access control products to our clients throughout the UK. We’re always trying to improve the safety and security of our clients and their business, which is why we constantly go the extra mile for them, time after time. This is one of the main reasons why we firmly believe that we should be your first and only port of call for access control, anywhere in the UK.

We understand that controlling the access to your premises can be highly beneficial for not only the people within the property, which is why we offer fantastic access control products to our clients. If you’d like to discuss our access control products and services further, be sure to get in touch with our expert team of access control specialists today.

Access Readers
Are you looking to improve your business with Access Readers? Then you’ll be pleased to know that Securakey UK offer the perfect solution to security at your premises. Whether you are looking to monitor, track or simply up the security of your property, using Access Readers to do so is the ideal choice. This is due to the fact that it offers an access system which can only be used upon having your own access key, fob or card. Not only will this help improve the security of your business, if necessary you will be able to know where staff and visitors are for example, in an emergency. For a fantastic solution to your security and access management, our Access Readers are the perfect choice. If you are interested in upgrading, improving or upping your business’s security for the better, look no further than Securakey UK and our range of Access Readers. You’re sure to be amazed at our great service and quality!

Touch and Proximity Cards
For an smart solution to your properties security, our Touch and Proximity Cards offer the perfect solution. Used for a range reasons, be it to provided a limited access to a building or monitor who is coming in and when they enter, our Touch and Proximity Cards are highly beneficial for all businesses. Our team at Securakey UK believe them to be of great use for those who are looking to monitor their security better whilst managing the access of who comes in, when and where they go. If this sounds like something your business is missing, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Securakey UK to discuss your needs further. We would love to hear from you and help you in any way possible.


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