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8 Foxwood Park
Foxwood Close, Foxwood Ind Estate
S41 9RN

About UK Boxings

For more than 20 years we have been manufacturing and supplying pipe boxings and a range of other decorative casing products to the contracting and commercial sectors, enabling the concealment of pipework, boiler pipes & flues, radiators and control panels, as well as structural columns and steelwork.

In addition to our popular and widely used moisture resistant MDF pipe boxings, we also offer a wide range of column casings and metal pipe boxings to provide a comprehensive choice of products manufactured to the same high quality for which we are well known.

Add to this, our extensive bespoke manufacturing capability, plus our in-house Finishing Service and it’s clear to see why so many professionals turn to us when specifying and installing pipe boxings, casings, encasements and other related decorative casing solutions.

Whatever your pipe boxing or casing requirements, we probably already have a solution. If not, then we have the skills, experience and facilities to manufacture one to your precise specifications.

  • Pipe Boxing
    Our two-sided ‘L’ shaped and three-sided ‘U’ shaped pipe boxings are manufactured from high quality, FSC® certified moisture resistant MDF and are available in a range of sizes and length to allow pipework to be concealed easily with the minimum of fuss.

  • Boiler Boxing
    Designed to conceal boiler pipework and flues easily and quickly our boiler pipe boxings are manufactured from FSC® certified moisture resistant MDF. Durable and simple to fit, they’re ideal for multiple installations in social housing heating upgrade programmes.

  • Metal Boxing
    Designed primarily for external use, our metal boxing provides a tough and durable solution to conceal pipework or building services located on the outside of a building, including gas supply, distributed heating system or ground source heat pump pipework.

  • Column Casings
    Concealing structural steelwork or concrete supports has never been easier, as our extensive decorative column casings range provides an excellent and versatile decorative solution to blend in or contrast with a building’s colour scheme.

  • Bespoke Manufacture
    With more than 20 years experience of manufacturing a broad range of special products for shop fitting, interior decoration, electrical contracting and many other sectors and applications, we have the expertise and experience to meet a your MDF joinery or manufacturing requirements.

  • Finishing Service
    Creating a perfect result is more than just having a great product that’s well manufactured; it also needs a high quality finish to match. Our ‘Finishing Service’ for lacquer and paint has proven to be such a success for companies that don’t have their own in-house spray finish systems. Need a professional finish? Talk to us.
Our pipe boxings and boiler casings are manufacturers from FSC® certified 9mm thick moisture resistant MDF board and is designed specifically for interior applications in humid conditions. Manufactured in accordance with the BS EN 622-5 Standard and to the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system, our MDF board has a typical moisture content of 7% plus or minus 2% at the time of production.

Test methods used for our moisture resistant MDF material includes a specialised cyclic test (BS EN 321:2002) in which test pieces, after conditioning, are immersed in water at 20°C for 72 hours, frozen in air at -12°C for 24 hours and heated in an air-circulated oven at 70°C for 72 hours.

This cycle is carried out three times, followed by post conditioning and physical testing according to BS EN 622 test methods and is accepted in the UK by the NHBC for use in suitable applications.

All cut edges and surfaces are finished in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations including sanding, sealing and painting with a recommended product to achieve a high quality finish.

Sustainability and the use of sustainable materials in building and construction are key aspects of our business, as we use sustainable materials in our own products wherever possible to ensure we supply compliant solutions.

Already, we use only FSC® certified MDF in our pipe boxings, boiler casings, column casings and bespoke products, but when required, we also use other FSC® certified timbers, such as plywood to manufacture our products.

UK Boxings is one of the UK’s premier suppliers of decorative boxing and casing products and we hold a current FSC® certificate from the Forest Stewardship Council® for the key products we manufacture and supply.

Finishes Range
In addition to our specialised Finishing Service, which provides a dedicated solution for ‘finishing only’ projects, we also provide a range of finishes, at UK Boxings, all of our products can be supplied in a range of finishes.

We try to provide the widest possible choice to meet the demands of numerous specifications, although it must be remembered that not all finishes are available on every product. Also, the choice of finishes offered is determined by a number of factors, chief among these are the product type, material substrate and the customer specification.


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