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Stucco Veneziano Ltd

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Richard Cotgrove
120-170 Stewarts Rd

About Stucco Veneziano Ltd

We sell polished plaster in London, also known as Venetian plaster, with associated tools and individual specialist decorative wall finishes. The material is sold in a natural uncoloured form made from the finest matured Italian lime and marble dust, which our Italian suppliers 'Giorgio Graesan & Friends' have designed. We offer a vast range of colours from classical to vibrant.

Our philosophy is to provide the most superior and ecological polished plaster materials and finishes at competitive prices, whilst delivering an exceptional customer experience.

We ship throughout the world, but for outside the UK, please email for the best shipping rate for your order.

Buy Italian Polished Plaster in London UK
If you want to buy Venetian plaster online in the UK, Stucco Veneziano is the best place to stop by. We are one of the widely recognised polished plaster suppliers in London and UK-wide. Whether you want Italian Stucco plaster or Marble Venetian plaster, we have something for everyone.

We also carry the finest range of decorative paints that can be used to create dramatic wall accents and other decorative features to improve overall appeal of your home.

Specialist Wall finishes
Stucco Veneziano provides innovative plaster solutions to achieve specialist wall finishes in commercial and residential properties.

We provide quality polished plaster and wall finishes to enrich your property's interiors and exteriors, as well as walls that support external lifts, stairwells and kitchens.
A unique and trendy specialist wall finish is all you need to make your property stand out in the neighbourhood.

At Stucco Veneziano, we can supply the polished plaster you need to achieve the desired finish on your walls. Our product range is extensive and cost effective as compared to other similar products available on the market. Tell us your requirements to get a free quote within 24 hours.

Polished Plaster
We offer you our superb range of polished plaster finishes, simplified and categorised by marble grain size: Spatula Stuhhi, Spirito Libero and Istinto.

Our polished plasters putties are made from 100% genuine Italian aged slaked lime. VOC free and without acrylic additives, it is classed as a natural product.

Decorative Paints
Our decorative paints are available in a wide range of textured colours ideal for walls in your living room or dining room. Whether you need a glossy wall or a perfectly finished matte look, our decorative paints will do it all for you.

Our collection of paints and emulsions come with a subtle sparkle or shimmer, creating visual textures and directional effects. With excellent flow and levelling, high gloss and hard wearing finish, our decorative paints will just paint your imagination on the wall. We only supply top quality decorative paints sourced from trusted manufacturers at a very fair competitive price in the UK.

Metal Ore
If you are looking for a perfectly polished metal ores ideal for use in your living room, we have it all packed up for you. With it's high durability, resistivity to water and anti-corroding nature, our metal ore plasters have gained a lot of popularity with our customers in the UK.

We feature a wide collection of metal ore plaster from a smooth and plain sheet to a rugged vintage sheet, so we have everything for you. Our idea of supplying a top quality, highly durable and extremely resistant metal ore plaster is not just to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your house but also ensure a great customer experience with our product.

Tools & Sundries
Have a look at our collection of plastering, construction, rendering and conservation essentials and tools that are a must to be used when dealing with such activities. At Stucco Veneziano our philosophy is simple yet unique, being one of the most trusted suppliers and distributors of marble, Italian and polished plasters in the UK. We only source top quality tools and sundries sourced from trusted manufacturers in the UK.

We have everything from a four-row wire brush to a long-handled churn brush that will make your work easy and swift. Browse through our website today and have a look at our certified plastering and construction tools available at a very fair competitive price on our website.

Reviews & Testimonials for Stucco Veneziano Ltd

5 star review
February 18, 2019
I visited the Stucco Veneziano website on the Internet, I did not know Richard, I sent him an email asking to have some advertising material about his products, he answered immediately and 2 days later I had already received the material, I was impressed by Richard's behavior he dedicated his time to me. Thank you Richard. Giuseppe
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5 star review
December 18, 2018
Amazing Venetian plaster and polished plaster, wide range of plasters in affordable price. Like to recommend Stucco Veneziano LTD.
Testimonial by
Mitchell Gewther
Stucco Veneziano Ltd. 5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings.



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