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Austin Glesson
The Maltings Business Park
Marrowbone Lane
County Dublin 8


Get More Work Online
Tradebot is the 24/7 digital salesman for tradesmen and contractors. It can turn site visitors into quality leads, filter out time wasters and save you time.

With Tradebot On Your Team You'll Get Better Business, Automatically
When you're in the van or on the site, who's looking after your website, replying to emails, messages & texts, and helping you get your next job? Ever wonder how much those site visitors that didn't become leads cost your business?

Tradebot is the affordable and simple digital marketing tool helping tradesmen, contractors and SMEs get more work online. It's always ready to automatically chat to your website visitors, converting them into valuable new business leads.

​Tradebot is crafted to be simple to set-up, mobile friendly and super easy to use. It's also designed to filter out time wasters, saving you time! There are no hidden costs, and our team will help you from start to finish. ​

Helpful Humans On Hand
​Here are Tradebot we are passionate about helping professional tradesmen and contractors get more business online, and get a little bit more free time.

We have built Tradebot to be easy to set up, so you don't spend an evening struggling with long forms or crazy tech stuff. Actually, most of our users are up and running in less than 10 minutes.

But if you do need any help, our local Irish team is here to help however we can. We know you don't work the standard 9 to 5, so neither do we. We take customer care very seriously, so, feel free to contact us through site, by phone or email.

​Whatever it is, we're happy to help.

Benefits & Features
Tradebot is a chatbot that asks the questions that gets you business. People are used to getting quick responses from companies, and as a tiler, roofer, or spark, if you don't have a team to reply to all your mails and calls, you are losing money.

Tradebot ​has a powerful system of user input fields and and multiple choice buttons make it easy for you to capture the details you need to speak with site visitors, and make it easy for them to provide information about the work they want to get done.

Tradebot is built to be better then forms or emails - it's user friendly, and as it presents site visitors with options to select for pricing, etc., they are more likely to provide you with the details of their job.
  • Always On
    As a tradesman you can't always be there to speak to a potential customer, but Tradebot is and it's always ready to start turning a website visitor into a client.

  • Digital Reception
    With Tradebot you can now greet and help every potential client. If you're busy with a job and don't have the time to pick up the phone, or reply to an email or text, your competitors will. Having Tradebot on your team provides an immediate and better customer experience.

  • Your Website Salesman
    We know a lot of contractors time is spent with the over & back of quoting for jobs, and find out which jobs are the right jobs for you. Add Tradebot to your team and you'll get more leads, and more details about the services they want.

  • Simple Setup
    Whether you're a carpenter, mason or plumber you have enough work to do in the days, evenings and weekends without spending hours on your website and digital marketing. Tradebot is simple to set up and can be live in just 5 minutes! Once Tradebot is installed, that's it, it will email you each customers details at the end of each chat.​

  • Less Time Wasters
    Tired of tyre kickers who are just comparing quotes? Tradebot helps to filter out the time wasters allowing you to prioritise and follow up with the right clients.

  • Works On All Devices
    Tradebot works on phones, tablets and desktops, so wherever a a potential client comes from you, with Tradebot installed you have a great way to communicate with them.

  • Less Interruption On Site
    It can be hard to get a job done when your phone is constantly going off with calls, texts and emails. You can share Tradebot by text, WhatsApp, Viber, and email, so you can get on with getting that job done.

  • No Contracts
    Get a free trial and see what having Tradebot on your team can do for you. After that you can upgrade and pay by month, or pay by chat.

  • Spend Less On Quotes
    With so many directories out there, it can cost a lot to get listed on all of them and then pay for quotes!!! With Tradebot you can capture more leads and close more deals outside of the directories.

  • More Business From Your Site
    If you're a contractor paying for your website, how about it starts to pay you back! Tradebot makes your website work harder, giving you the tools to get more direct business from your site visitors.

  • Schedule Calls
    Managing your day, and your team is hard. Tradebot schedules follow up calls with you and potential clients, so you can be ready and to close the deal on the phone.

  • Use On Text And Email
    You can easily set up Tradebot to use on SMS & Email. So when you get a text or email from a new client, you can automatically respond with Tradebot, helping you close that next job, while you get on with the current job!
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