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Gary Williams
Moreton Corbet

About GeeFix

Fixing heavy items onto plasterboard cavity walls has always been difficult. Whether you’re a building trade professional or a keen DIYer, you’ll know that the plasterboard fixings available up until now all had serious limitations. Some of them are tricky to fix, some are prone to fail, and most just aren’t reliable enough for heavy objects. There’s never been a single fixing that can reliably fix items such as radiators, towel rails, curtain poles, cycle racks, cupboards and TV brackets onto cavity plasterboard walls. Now there is.

GeeFix has been designed by a tradesman with over 30 years experience. After trying all the cavity fixings on the market – and finding their weaknesses – he decided that the only way to get the ultimate cavity wall fixing was to invent it himself! GeeFix is the strongest fixing on the market, and the only one that’s compatible with plasterboard, insulated plasterboard, plywood, chipboard, MDF, metal, lath & plaster and other materials. With GeeFix you can fix it once and fix it right.

GeeFix has many other benefits over other cavity and plasterboard fixings:
  • A single GeeFix works for materials between 3mm and 75mm thickness with suitable length screws
  • GeeFix works with a cavity gap of as little as 30mm
  • Unlike umbrella-style fixings, with GeeFix you don’t have to feed the final fixing through whatever item you’re fixing beforehand, so it’s much easier to use
  • GeeFix can be used with vapour barriers without perforating the barrier
  • GeeFix uses standard screws rather than bolts for its final fixing so you can use any suitable screw in a finish either to match your decor or whatever you’re fixing
This unique product is only available direct from GeeFix.

How to Fit GeeFix
GeeFix is quick and simple to fit and, unlike some other plasterboard and cavity wall fixings, doesn’t require any special tools. Just follow these instructions to fix your items to a cavity wall or ceiling.


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