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About PyroDem Ltd

We are Contractors Trainers and Distributors of Royex Rock Breaking Systems

Our Aim
PyroDem’s aim is to promote the safe use of pyrotechnic blasting throughout the civil engineering and construction industry, develop safe systems of work and provide alternatives to conventional rock and concrete breaking methods. With over 2 decades of experience in the construction industry, we understand the importance of a fast, safe and reliable solution to rock breaking.

Based in central Scotland, we can attend your site at reasonably short notice to carry out feasibility studies, blast, train and demonstrate the power, safety and flexibility of pyrotechnical blasting. Why not "Break with Convention" and explore the future of rock breaking.

The Royex rock breaking system
The Royex rock breaking system is designed to break rock where conventional explosives are either prohibited by regulation or unsuitable for the task.

The Royex Generation II System is the world's first propellant based rock breaking system to be aligned with a sequential delay-timed initiation system.

Deflagration not detonation
Deflagration is a rapid high energy release combustion event that propagates through a gas or an explosive material at subsonic speeds, driven by the transfer of heat. Deflagration, or Combustion, is different from detonation, which is supersonic and propagates through shock. Propellant powders have long been used as a rock breaking tool.

Current Applications
  • Oversize - Breaking oversize rock and secondary blasting over and underground.

  • Close to roads - Break rock without closing down traffic or rerouting to protect from fly rock. Spare road infrastructure from vibrations.

  • In urban areas - Break concrete or rock in urban areas and spare sensitive structures and conform to local requirements.

  • Indoors - Expanding cellars, removing concrete or similar work where indoor structures must be protected.
Generation II Features
The rock breaking cartridges have been haunted by numerous issues in the past. Issues that have not had any serious solutions up until now. We are now proud to introduce the following new features to the rock breaking arena.
  • Innovative Timing
    Through our new Maxfire igniter series, we can now offer the world’s most powerful RBC igniter with timing capability designed for optimal initiation of the Royex Gen 2 propellant mix.

  • New Propellant Mix
    Fully oxygen balanced and with a density close to one, the Royex Gen 2 propellant mix brings more power than ever seen in a rock breaking cartridge.

  • New Modular Design
    To ensure maximum flexibility, the cartridge has been separated from the igniter. The operator can choose from a range of cartridge sizes and range of igniter configurations including pyrotechnical timing.

  • Proven Value
    Through Methodical development and exhaustive trials, we have been able to prove the cost savings and value addition when switching from conventional explosives to Royex in relevant applications.
We provide certified training across the UK. PyroDem Ltd offer a modular training program, after the initial 1 day basic training module, we offer ad on modules to advance your certification, allowing you to employ the Royex rock breaking system in all areas of blasting and can be tailored to suit your site requirements.

Add on modules will generally take 2 days each and can be done on your site as part of your current contracts/workload. Additional modules will cover blast design, safe systems of work and risk assessing as well as the practical side of Pyrotechnical blasting in your required specialty.

Safety is of paramount importance. The Royex rock breaking system has been developed with safety and efficiency of paramount importance. Royex is highly efficient when properly applied but has minimal impact on the surroundings if accidentally initiated or if exposed to fire or heat.

PyroDem Ltd provide the following services
  • Site evaluation and blast feasibility
  • Blast designs
  • Onsite training (we strongly recommend a further 2 day training course after the basic course, this will ensure that the Royex system is utilised fully, saving you time and money)
  • Blast supervision
  • Post training consultation
  • Drilling and blasting services
  • Vibration monitoring



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