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Unit 2-4 Chartwell Drive
County Leicestershire
LE18 2FL
England UK
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About Polytops

Polytop® fixings are plastic top pins, nails and screws manufactured to a high UK standard using top grade polymer and the highest grade steel, that’s A4 marine grade stainless steel. Leading UPVC board manufacturers such as Eurocell, Celuform and Deceuninck recommend Polytops® on their boards. Matching standard colours such as mahogony, oak, white and black are readily available, others can be made to order subject to minimum quantity.

Polytops® has become the symbol of quality to consumers. The manufacturer, SEAC would like to remind the trade that Polytops® is a registered trademark and any use of the text “Polytop” or “Polytops” is violation of the mark if products sold are not Polytops®. Any such use is called “passing off” and is liable to legal actions by SEAC.

Polytops® Pins and Nails
Polytops® plastic top pins and nails are most popular for use with PVCu fascia & soffit and in wall cladding. Their outstanding quality means remedial work or rejects are much reduced, unlike other fasteners. Polytops®’ A4 stainless steel material ensures no rust stain especially in such outdoor application. Standard head colours to match major brands of PVCu boards are white, oak, golden oak, mahogany, expresso and black. Other colours are available subject to minimum order quantity and value. Please enquire with our sales team.
  • Annular ring shank ensures better grip
  • Tapered or chamfered head for neater look
  • Head will not snap or crack when hammered
  • Matching colours for major brand PVCu boards in stock
Polytops® Screws
Polytops® screws are available in various head configurations and drives, types and sizes for different applications.
  • Plastic top is moulded onto screw and cannot be removed
  • Metal screw head is intact and hardwearing
  • Tamper resistance especially with bi-hex socket drive screws
  • Metal screw head is intact and hardwearing
  • Aesthetically pleasing, colour matching finish
Caravan interior – This was the first to use Polytops® and it is stil in use today.

Fascia & Soffit fixing – Since the introduction of uPVC fascia and soffit replacing timber, Polytops® pins and nails have been perfect for its installation as the polymer head means the nail need not be painted to blend in with the uPVC, it will not rust and the polymer head is aesthetically pleasing.

Cladding – Similar to fascia and soffit, cladding materials are now more and more replaced by composite or uPVC. Polytops® are the perfect fixings as the head colour can be custom matched to the cladding panels.

Sign Fixing – Polytops® socket drive screws with hex or bi-hex heads are popularly used to fix signs as they are aesthetically pleasing, do not need maintenance, and secure. A special tool is needed to fasten and unfasten the screw.

Vehicle Number Plate – Polytops® self-drive pozi head screws in black, white, blue, yellow are most widely used in fastening vehicle number plates. The alternative is normal screws with plastic caps, the reason this is not preferred is because these soon break off and the screw head rust and stain the plate.


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