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SHSC Handrails Limited

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Dinos Constantinou
Unit 12 Oban Court
Hurricane Way
SS11 8YB
Opening Hours
08:30 am-04:30 pm
08:30 am-04:30 pm

08:30 am-04:30 pm

08:30 am-04:30 pm

08:30 am-04:30 pm

08:30 am-04:30 pm



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About SHSC Handrails Limited

'The Specialist Handrail and Staircase Company'
The Specialist Handrail and Staircase Company offers its services within a specific part of joinery. We manufacture geometric staircases and handrails as well as straight flight/winding stairs. We have the best-experienced hand carvers, which allow us to work within Grade 1 and Grade 11 listed building works as well as Heritage sites, such as British and Natural History Museums, and The Palace of Westminster (Houses of Parliament).

Here are the services we provide:
  • Geometric staircase manufacturing
  • Geometric handrail manufacturing
  • Straight stairs/winding stairs
  • Extensions - continuous handrails extended into lofts or basements
  • Renovation of existing handrails
  • Specialist fitting
  • Specialist finishers – staining, matching, oiling, waxing, french polishing
  • Creative design
  • Legal requirements/building compliance
  • Free advice

Please do not hesitate to contact Dinos Constantinou (+44 7892 425400), Geometric Designer and Managing Director of 'The Specialist Handrail & Staircase Company Limited'.

A Reliable Team
Our team is made up of in-house carvers and fitters as well as a pool of freelance specialists available as we need them. This suits our production needs and allows us to meet increased workloads at various times, throughout the year, without deadline pressures. With many years in the field, this pool of experienced freelancers is made up of close friends and colleagues, within a close-knit community of specialists.

'The Specialist Handrail and Staircase Company' has within its ranks two of the most experienced men in the field of geometric handrails, single or double wreathed string staircases. SHSChandrails is capable of manufacturing simple-to-complicated staircases, whether they are elliptical, circular or even variable radius. We have over 49 years of experience in this specialist field of joinery. We look forward to offering you our experience and services.

Specialist Handrails and Staircases
The Specialist Handrail and Staircase Company offers its services within a specific part of joinery. We manufacture geometric Staircases and Handrails as well as straight flight/winding stairs.

Ideal For Clients
We work closely with several companies that have a proven history of quality work over many projects. Their work complements our product and we list them for clients to gain ideas for their staircases, from one website. Please feel free to contact them:
  • Hannah Eustace: Specialist Finishes, Murals, Dragging Woodgraining, Stipples, Stencilling and much more.
  • Mark Dyvig: Architectural Metalwork, Ornate Balustrades, Gates.
  • Sheriff Stone: Interior Floors, Stair Tread/Riser/String Cladding and External.
  • UK Stairs: Cast Concrete Staircases, Straight to Geometric.
  • Arco Engineering: Steel Staircases for Cladding, Straight to Geometric.
Our Timber
There are many timbers we use for specialist handrails and staircases. These are: Mahogany (Sapele) or (Utile), Oak (European/American), Ash (European/American), American Black Walnut.

We do use other timbers and our suppliers can obtain just about any commercial hardwood. Maple, Cherry, Beech and many other types of wood are also used, so don't hesitate to request your preference.

Our Finishes
Finishes add the personal touch to your specialist handrail and staircase, and they can be as varied as fingerprints. An endless variation of stains and pigments to obtain the perfect colour, all the different top finishes, waxed, oiled, French Polished, giving you a matt finish, soft sheen finish, gloss and high-gloss finish.

We prefer the traditional method of a Shellac-based French Polishing, but can also use any of the modern methods of varnishes and two-pack polishes, as requested. Bespoke and specialist paint finishes can also be applied onto handrails and these are special one-offs, created by 'Hannah Eustace, Specialist Finishes'.


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Name Role Email Telephone
Dinos Constantinou Managing Director 07892425400

SHSC Handrails Limited General Description

Geometric, curved, Bespoke handrails and staircases. Restorers, French Polishers, Spindle spray finishes.
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