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Westok (Kloeckner UK)

Westok (Kloeckner UK) Contact Details

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0113 205 5271
Katja Pandza
Valley Farm Road
County Yorkshire
LS10 1SE
England UK

About Westok (Kloeckner UK)

A Specialist Steelwork Fabricator and Designer
Kloeckner Metals UK/Westok pioneered the use of cellular beams in the UK and is the inventor and patent holder of the Westok Cellular Beam and the Ultra Shallow Floor Beam® (USFB). We also offer solid web and cellular plate beams: The Westok Plate Beam (WPB).

Over the past thirty years we have established an impressive track record of delivery across a diverse range of sectors in the UK, Ireland and further afield. We are the only specialist steelwork fabricator, who can design and manufacture the correct mix of cellular, plated and shallow beams into your structure.

Kloeckner Metals UK/Westok are a specialist steel fabricator and designer who drives economy into the design of steel framed structures by providing an unrivalled range of cellular, shallow and plated beam solutions and software packages.

We are uniquely positioned in our ability to design and manufacture both cellular and plated beams, this enables us to drive the greatest economy into your project. Employing a team of structural engineers we provide a very speedy and efficient design service, whether you are at a scheme design stage, detailed design stage, or seeking some value engineering.

Free Technical Advisory Service
We have provided a free, regionally based Technical Advisory Service to industry since the early 1990s. No other UK or Irish specialist steelwork fabricator offers an Advisory Service on the scale offered by us.

Employing a team of experienced and talented structural engineers with in-depth technical knowledge, our engineers have a varied background in engineering consultancy, steelwork fabrication and structural engineering software development. Between them they have worked on projects ranging from straightforward schemes with one or two Westok beams, to prestigious and award-winning developments.

Software and Design Service
We offer an unrivaled suite of free analysis and design packages and a free Beam Design Service. No other specialist steelwork fabricator offers such a comprehensive range of services.

Structural engineers around the globe use our software every day to analyse, design and specify Cellbeams, Ultra Shallow Floor Beams (USFBs), and Westok Plate Beams (WPBs); to check the vibration performance of the floor; or to utilise our BIM software links to provide an integrated multi-disciplinary design.

Westok Revit Family members are available upon request also. Our software comprises the following packages:
  • Cellbeam
  • Cellvibe
  • Westok Revit ® Integrator for Revit 2014, 2015 & 2016 users
  • Westok Plate Beam

Westok Cellular Beams
Cellular beams are the modern form of the traditional Castellated Beam. Westok cellular beams comprise a beam formed by profiling a rolled section using our patented, semi-circular dual pass process.

The two tees are separated by half a pitch and the beam is welded back together. The resulting cellular beam has a continuous string of circular or elongated cells along the full length of the beam.

Westok Plate Beam
At Kloeckner Metals UK/Westok we are uniquely positioned in our ability to design and manufacture both cellular and plated beams, this enables us to drive the greatest economy into your project.

The Westok Plate Beam is manufactured using advanced welding technology on our submerged-arc T & I line. It provides the optimum bespoke beam solution in shape and web aperture.

Ultra Shallow Floor Beam
The need for the structural steelwork industry to develop an economical ‘flat-slab’ flooring system, led Kloeckner Metals UK | Westok to develop the patented and innovative USFB® – Ultra Shallow Floor Beam. The beam has been successfully utilised in the UK, Ireland and further afield since 2006 across a diverse range of sectors.

There is no ‘standard’ USFB®. As the beam is available in increments of 1mm depth and does not require the costly provision of additional plates or angle sections to be welded to the beam to provide an outstand element, the USFB® is perhaps the most flexible, practical and cost-efficient approach to achieving a structural steelwork up-stand beam on the market.


Westok Invests GBP1.1M Into Bespoke FICEP Endeavour Saw and Drill Line

Kloeckner Metals UK, multi-metal stockholder & distributor, invest GBP1.1M into their processing portfolio with the installation of the FICEP Endeavour 11 MOD. 1103DDB machine in their Westok plant.

Kloeckner | Westok are a specialist steel designer and fabricator who provides an unrivalled range of cellular, shallow and plated beam solutions. The FICEP Endeavour drilling and sawing line has been built to a bespoke specification giving Westok’s customers a service that will be unparalleled in the UK. The Endeavour is a new three spindle drilling line for the processing of Westok Cellular beams and a broad range of steel structural sections. With the introduction of an automated procedure for the processing of cellular beams along with several other innovations, the FICEP Endeavour is a significant step forward in value added service capabilities.

Following Kloeckner’s on-going investments into Westok’s portfolio of technical services, they will now be able to offer:

• NC data import capability
• Automated process for the cutting of cellular beams
• Cut and Drill supplied for beams from 2.5m up to 20m length
• Ability to process Asymmetric beams from 9m up to 20m
• Ability to process cambered beams from 2.5m up to 20m
• Drilling available up to 40mm Diameter up to 100mm thickness
• Interpolated Milling up to 250mm
• Milling function for openings / notches
• Full scribing options available

Edward Skarratt Kloeckner Metals UK | Westok General Manager: “We are very excited about the new investment and the additional capabilities that we will be able to offer our customers. The new Ficep Endeavour has been specified based on feedback from our customers and will enable Westok to offer solutions such as cut to length of cambered and asymmetric Westok beams that will help our customers to further develop their own processes and lower their production costs.”

Westok (Kloeckner UK) General Description

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