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Bryan Stuart
Sylvan Stuart Ltd
Old Rayne
AB52 6RX

About Model D Homes

“Good architecture is also sustainable architecture, and that covers not only ecological and energy considerations, but also economic, social and aesthetic aspects”.

This is the philosophy behind our Model D Homes range. While respecting tradition, we will not be shackled by it. Our top priorities are minimal energy consumption, low environmental impact, and to provide comfortable and inspiring houses that many people can enjoy living in.

The construction specification of our homes is also designed for durability and minimal maintenance. While the structure is entirely timber, and clad with wood outside, almost no external painting is required over the long life of these homes, which are designed to complement the landscape.

Plan layouts are adaptable, and offer a range from one to four bedrooms, a workspace, and a double-height open-plan living, dining and kitchen area. The decked area offers a sheltered intermediate zone between outside and inside, with a wider summer deck at one gable end.

The contemporary design solution we offer is an antidote to mock vernacular houses that have to compromise performance standards in an attempt to look traditional. Our glazing is located to harvest the warmth of the sun, and solar thermal panels are integrated with the Velux rooflights.

The Model D Homes range offers exceptional value and performance at a price which many can afford. Our homes aim at having minimal impact on the landscape and in their use of finite resources. We want to set the standard for environmentally friendly rural living.

House Types
  • D1 - A versatile plan that can provide a one bedroom ‘starter home’ with the flexibility to extend into the attic in future years to provide an additional 2 bedrooms and a shower room (see D1+2). This house type can be both detached and part of a semi-detached/terrace arrangement with D1+2 and/or D2.

  • D1+2 - A compact house that can provide three bedroom accommodation and is an extension to the D1 type by utilising the attic for accommodation. This house type can be both detached and part of a semi-detached/terrace arrangement with D1 and/or D2.

  • D2 - A simple one-and-a-half story layout with two bedrooms, bathroom, shower room utility and an external covered terrace. This house type can be both detached and part of a semi-detached/terrace arrangement with D and/or D1+2.

  • D3 - Our standard three bedroom family house that provides an open plan, double height living/kitchen and dining space, a utility room, bath and shower rooms, and a cantilevered deck/terrace area.

  • D4 - Our standard four bedroom family house that provides 3 double and one single bedrooms, an open plan, double height living/kitchen and dining space, a utility room, bath and shower rooms, a first floor gallery work space and a cantilevered deck/terrace area.
Design Ethos
A Model D house is a very low-energy contemporary home. Constructed from good quality timber they represent spectacularly good value, and are a hard-to-beat model for genuinely affordable housing stock in the countryside.

Efficiency, Durability and Maintenance
Efficiency, durability and minimal energy consumption were fundamental considerations along with life-cycle cost in defining our “fabric first” approach. This makes Model D homes extremely efficient due to their use of durable materials, combined with our “wrap round” approach to air-tightness and integrated use of exceptional insulation levels.

Design Considerations
The design is contemporary and seeks to have minimal landscape impact, which is hugely assisted by the rain screening and its natural timber finish along with that of the walls. Although primarily aimed at the rural housing market, Model D houses can be built in urban and suburban locations. Despite being timber clad, they can, subject to opening sizes, go on small plots and meet fire regulations.

Lifetime Costs and Affordability
Providing rural housing with minimal environmental impact is the main purpose of Model D Homes, and we seek to make a major contribution towards affordable living and the quality of life of those wishing to dwell in the countryside.

Energy and Future Proofing
The basic standard we have adopted is ‘Silver Active Level’ as defined by the Scottish Building Regulations (2013 ed.), Section 7. This can readily be up-rated to Gold Level using a higher specification of window insulation, and the installation of photovoltaic cells in the roof covering. Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery can also be installed if desired, although this may be more appropriate in a less temperate climate.

Due to their high levels of insulation and air-tightness, Model D Homes are extremely efficient and a small wood burning stove should be capable of heating the entire house.


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