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VAF Air Ltd

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Darracq Shawe
Unit 4B Tetbury Industrial Estate
Cirencester Road
County Gloucestershire
England UK

About VAF Air Ltd

The Professional Choice for Portable Dust and Fume Extraction.

The VAF Air and Miniveyor Air fans and ventilators combine dependable power with practical design. The stackable design saves valuable floor or storage space, the large handles enable effortless manoeuvrability, and anti-skid rubber feet for steady operation. The VAF series fans work on both positive and negative airflow making them equally at home extracting fumes and dust or blowing fresh clean air into a confined workspace. The rugged design is durable and weather resistant.

The VAF fans and blowers are the professional choice for portable dust and welding fume extraction. The VAF blowers can be used as portable ventilating and confined space exhaust fans or extractors.

We’ve listened to what our customers have told us and our new 2nd generation designed range has incorporated some of the changes asked of us. This includes - an improved fastening system for the ducting attachment to the fan, preventing the ducting falling off during use - a tougher duct ring to prevent breakages - an integrated moulded grill to reduce parts and an improved motor mounting to help withstand blows. We are so confident with the new improved designs the VAF range now come with an industry beating 10 year warranty upgrade on the fan body.

Welcome to our 2nd generation professional VAF Series fans and blowers. Where fumes, smells or dust occur, the VAF Air and Miniveyor Air vane axial fans can move contaminated air out of the building or confined space. Effective as a fume exhauster, the VAF blowers ventilate confined spaces, and increase the flow of fresh air. The VAF fans can also act as blowers, moving clean dry air into a building that has been flooded, moving the damp, humid air out.

VAF-200C (8”) Canister Fan
The NEW VAF Air VAF-200C Canister Fan is a compact workhorse and is suited to light industrial or utility applications such as manhole venting. Available in either 110V or 230V, the rugged, 2nd generation design, VAF-200C combines an ‘easy to use’ Canister Duct that simply clips on the back of the fan. The 200mm (8”) diameter VAF200C ventilator, weighs only 7.6 kg (16¾lbs) and can provide 1500 m³/hr (880 CFM) of air flow.

VAF-200 (8”) Fan
Sometimes the best things come in small packages! Miniveyor Air VAF-200 Blowers are a compact and powerful smaller brother of our most popular blower the VAF-300. Available in either 110V or 230V, the rugged, 2nd generation design, VAF-200 vane axial fan replaces our older design VAF-1500. The 200mm (8”) diameter VAF200 ventilator, weighs only 7.5 kg (16½lbs) and can provide 1480 m³/hr (870 CFM) of air flow.

VAF-300 (12”) Fan
Miniveyor Air VAF-300 portable ventilators are built to provide maximum power where it is needed and is the ideal confined space exhaust fan for welding fume removal, concrete cutting or demolition. It is also a great blower during remediation work following flooding to dry out buildings. The VAF-300 vane axial fan, is the professional choice for construction site work and is available in either 110V or 230V. It works on positive and negative airflow and is at home either extracting dust and fumes or blowing clean air into a workspace.

VAF-300P-FRL (12”) Pneumatic Fan
For confined spaces that require a powerful ventilator and that meets strict hazardous area requirements, the VAF-3000P-FRL delivers high performance with uncompromising safety. Used where compressed air is available - from air lines or portable compressors, and where electricity is forbidden. The safe design of the air motor ensures against dangerous sparking. Supplied complete with its own air filter/regulator/lubricator to maintain motor life.

VAF-400 (16”) Fan
The Miniveyor Air VAF-400 packs a big punch , delivering a massive 7500 m³ per hour. Available in either 110V or 230V, the rugged, 2nd generation design, VAF-400 vane axial fan provides maximum airflow when it is needed. The Mono phase blower draws a surprisingly low current compared to it’s performance, making it a practical solution for either confined space ventilation, welding fume extraction, or fresh air blower.

VAF-FFD Fast Floor Dryer
Using downdraft technology, the NEW Miniveyor Air VAF-FFD downdraft floor dryer is capable of drying an entire room in minutes. The powerful 6 blade precision fan blade draws down warmer, drier air from the top of the room and blows it across the entire floor.



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