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Mr Ray Dargan
Heanor Gate
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About Visqueen

Visqueen is the market leader in the manufacture and supply of structural waterproofing and gas protection systems. Visqueen offers complete support at every stage in the specification and supply chain process. Working to only the highest standards and through innovation and excellence as key values, Visqueen remains the industry leader and is trusted as the technical authority for product standards.

Damp Proof Courses

Damp Proof Courses
Visqueen’s Damp Proof Courses are available in various grades offering differing combinations of benefits from low loading under compressive applications and excellent mortar adhesion to low gas permeability. We also offer preformed cavity tray units to help simplify the installation process.

Preformed Units
The Visqueen range of standard preformed cavity tray units simplify detailing at corners, changes of level, etc. They reduce the time required on site to install a DPC cavity tray and eliminate the likelihood of water ingress at these complex, awkward junctions.

Gas Protection

Gas Membranes
Gas proof membranes for the protection of buildings from harmful ground gases such as radon, carbon dioxide, methane and hydrocarbons. To ease specification issues, Visqueen has produced a product selector that responds to various and complex design challenges on gas contaminated lands.

Gas Venting
Visqueen offers a variety of solutions to disperse gas safely from beneath buildings. The type of passive venting system required is dependent on the building type and the amount of gas flow - Please consult Visqueen Technical Support Team for further information.

Visqueen Gas Resistant DPC’s should be used on any site where carbon dioxide, radon, methane or low level hydrocarbon vapours are a problem. Methane can occur in any construction on any site previously used for landfill.

Structural Waterproofing

Visqueen Axiom is a new range of easy-to-use Liquid Waterproofing products.

Cavity Drain System
Visqueen produces an extensive range of drainage channels, pumps, sumps and alarms as an integral part of the Visqueen Cavity Drain System. These provide effective mechanical drainage solutions for all below ground structures where a cavity drain system is being installed and is designed to be fully maintainable in accordance to BS 8102, the Code of Practice for protection of below ground structures against water from the ground. The system compromises of the following products.

Tanking Membranes
Visqueen offers a range of tanking membranes including our BBA certified Self Adhesive Membrane and our High Performance TorchOn Tanking Membrane.

Stormwater & Permeable Paving
The Visqueen Drainage Geomembrane System is designed for underground stormwater storage. Three product variants are available offering increasing levels of performance and hydrostatic pressure resistance.

Temporary Protection
Visqueen Megafilm offers a comprehensive range of temporary site protection products used to protect diverse surfaces in the construction, interior fit-out, maritime and refurbishment industries.

External Water Management
Visqueen Protect&Drain acts as a heavy duty protection medium for Visqueen damp proofing, gas proofing and tanking membranes. In addition, when used in external tanking applications, the product forms a void to collect and transmit water into adjacent drainage outlets or collector pipes.

DPM & Vapour Control

Damp Proof Membranes
Visqueen offer a comprehensive range of high performance Damp Proof Membranes (DPM) for incorporation into floor constructions to prevent the ingress of damp into buildings.

Vapour Control Layers
Visqueen offers a range of high performance vapour control layers which can be used to improve ait tightness of buildings, increasing their energy efficiency and reducing the risk of interstitial condensation.



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Damp Proof Membranes

External Water Management

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Cavity Drain System

Structural Waterproofing

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Gas Venting

Gas Membranes

Damp Proof Courses

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Visqueen offer a comprehensive range of advanced products, a dedicated technical support team of specialists
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