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Mr Paul Lamparter
Archers Fields Close
South East
County Essex
SS13 1DW
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About Resiblock Ltd

Enhance & Protect your Paving with Block Paving Sealers by RESIBLOCK
Since 1993 Resiblock Limited, the block paving sealer experts, has sold block paving sealers to seal, stabilise and protect Natural Stone, Indian Sandstone Paving, Yorkstone Paving Flagstones, Clay Block Paving and Concrete Block Paving in the UK and worldwide. Whether it be for industry, commerce or the home, Resiblock solutions give accelerated joint stabilisation without sand erosion or ongoing maintenance.

As Europe’s leading specialist in this field, we have provided sealing solutions for millions of square metres of paving both in the UK and overseas. These range from sealers for commercial landscapes, i.e. heavy duty paver pavements on aircraft aprons and ports to domestic driveways, paths and patios. Landmark projects include 125,000 square metres at Disneyland, Hong Kong (in conjunction with Marshalls plc) and 465,000 square metres at Port Salalah, Oman.

Resiblock’s expertise and knowledge is recognised as the most definitive in its field. We are committed to a program of continuous improvement to our products as well as regularly adding to our range of solutions.

Whether it be for domestic or commercial application, Resiblock has the right solution for you.

Resiblock, Europe’s leading paving sealant specialists, has been protecting and stabilising commercial paving for over 25 years and has provided materials to seal and stabilise in excess of 10 million square metres of paving worldwide. We have numerous case studies where projects have benefitted from the installation of Resiblock, resulting in long-term paver stabilisation and maintenance-free paving.

Resiblock’s expertise has drawn upon projects at airport and port side pavements with flagship sites including Heathrow Airport, the O2 arena, Manchester United football club and many more diverse sites, including to the world’s largest transhipment port in Salalah, Oman to Disneyland, Hong Kong. Resiblock’s wealth of expertise and knowledge is now generally recognised as the most definitive in the field.

The Problem
When sand erodes from the joint it leads to loss of interlock within the paver system, resulting in chipping and spalling and ultimately paver destabilisation. The erosion of the sand filled joints can be either natural or manmade, brought about by such forces as vacuum sweeping, pressure washing, rainwater over slope/gradient or tidal water flows.

Furthermore, as the jointing material erodes, it serves to expedite water infiltration, which can lead to degradation and liquefaction of the laying course and subgrades, in turn resulting in structural failure. This means high-maintenance costs and the possibility of tripping accidents, which could lead to claims where someone has had a trip or fall.

The Solution
The key to ensuring low maintenance and reduced tripping accidents within a segmental paving system is to provide and maintain good interlock. This can only be achieved by retention of the jointing sand, which can be attained by simply applying the appropriate Resiblock product to the paving at the point of installation of the paver units.

The Benefit
Think about it, contractors are already on site, disruption would be kept to a minimum, one simple application of Resiblock could prevent the high costs associated with maintenance, repair and claims.

Resiblock’s wealth of expertise and knowledge is now generally recognised as the most definitive in the field.

Resiblock has the sealing solution for you!

For more information, please contact us!


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permeable paving sealer

block paving sealer

patio sealer

driveway sealer

natural stone sealer

concrete flag sealer

indian sandstone sealer

clay block sealer

tarmac restorer

concrete floor sealer

airport apron sealer

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