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Ms Jacqueline O'reilly
Suite D, Dean Swift Building
Armagh Business Park
County County Armagh
BT60 1HW
Nothern Ireland

About Konfloor

KonFloor - the leading concrete industrial flooring contractor throughout the UK and Ireland

KonFloor - the industrial flooring specialists - provide clients with the complete one stop solution for the design and installation of concrete floor slabs. With a combination of over 20 years industry experience, access to our in-house specialist labour and machinery, quality installation techniques and technical advice, KonFloor can ensure that critical design specifications and timelines for your project are met every time!

Our highly trained operatives can and do install up to 2500m2 per day and achieve high surface tolerances on every floor through the use of both hand screeding and the automated SXP Laser Screed for larger areas.

Our Services
Konfloor Limited is a family based company founded in 2005 and have spent many years building up the reputation for quality high tolerance industrial flooring and we are now established as one of the the leading concrete flooring contractor in Ireland and the whole of the UK. Our impressive client list includes well known leading brands such as B+Q, Homebase, Woodies DIY, Coca Cola, Tesco, Aldi, Cuisine De France, The Point Depot, Dublin Airport, Belfast Harbour and many more.

(All floors priced offer full Construction Packages – designed & installed, warranted & insured)

Konfloor offer a wide range of specialised concrete floors, some of which are listed below:
  • Internal ground bearing floor slabs, including jointed & jointless options utilising steel fibre technology or traditional reinforcement.
  • Pile supported slabs on either tied steel or steel fibre reinforced.
  • Composite mezzanine floor slabs.
  • External slabs
  • Monolithic dry shake applications in pigmented or natural concrete colour.
  • FM1, FM2 & FM3 flatness installations as per the Concrete Society Concrete Report 34, (TR34) 2003 edition.
  • DM 1, 2 & 3 - TR34 (4th edition).
  • Grading & compaction of final 50-100mm of sub base using our own Lazer guided Dozer.
Offering a wide range of professional experience in Geotechnical Engineering ground improvement techniques we are guaranteed to offer advice on all forms of slab construction.

All our work force is in-house with no utilisation of sub-contractors, as is all our plant listed below:
  • Somero SXP Laser Screed
  • Somero Copperhead Laser Screed
  • Telescopic dry-shake spreader
  • 7no 8ft ride on power floats
  • 1no 10ft ride on power float
  • 2no 4ft ride on floats
  • Komatsu laser guided dozer
  • 10 ton Bomag roller
  • Razor back truss screed for long strip pours
  • 40ft transportation unit
We have a strict health and safety policy which ensures all on site operatives maintain perfect Health and Safety standards and are holders of Construction Skills Certificate Scheme Cards.

High Tolerance Defined Movement Floors
With years of experience Konfloor has been able to develop construction techniques that meet the highest surface regularity requirements. These would have traditionally been constructed using slow and laborious long strip methods. We have installed floors using the Laser Screed to FM1, the tightest category for general traffic in speculative buildings where VNA racking locations are unknown at the time of construction.

Mesh Slabs
Konfloor uses a totally flexible method of constructing floors. We do this on a wide bay or continuous pour technique. Doing this enables us to reduce conventional construction time and joints. Our methods are ideally suited to inaccessible areas that cannot be accessed by laser levelling machine. This system can, and will, readily accommodate traditional forms of reinforcement (mesh fabric or bar).

Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete
Steel fibres are often utilised to reinforce concrete in replacement of traditional steel fabric reinforcement. This is used to control early thermal contraction along with aiding with cracking due to shrinkage. Concrete, whilst strong in compression, can be a very brittle material and is particularly weak when subject to heavy external loads. To prevent any damage to our floors we can add fibres to concrete on a conveyor, this allows even dispersal throughout the mix, creating 3-dimensional reinforcement.

Pile Supported Floors
Sites can sometimes need slabs to be pile supported as well as those situated on poor ground where settlement or loading criteria are particularly sensitive issues. Here at Konfloor we can design and construct these floors to the latest design methods using steel fibre reinforcement. As mentioned before the reinforcement and construction method can be chosen to suit each individual client requirements.


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