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Tayside Group Ltd

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Andrew Cheape
Unit 9B Camperdown Street
County Angus

About Tayside Group Ltd

Starting as Tayside Security, Tayside Group has always made its goal to offer high efficiency, effective security services. Dedicated to ensuring your peace of mind at all times, we make it easy for you to enjoy thorough security. Over the years since our establishment we have offered security to a wide range of businesses, including wind farms and maritime operations.

Now, with all of our services combined together with one port of call, it’s even easier for you to enjoy total peace of mind. From utilities to general cleaning to dedicated manned security, Tayside Group offers it all. Call us today and take the first step to a more efficient property.

Security Services
When it comes to keeping a location secure, nothing beats a hands-on security service. To ensure that your business is given the protection that it needs, we offer three distinct and effective services. Manned location guarding offers dedicated point security. Mobile patrols offer the securing of a wide area. Keyholding and alarm response ensures effective security in case of a break-in.
  • Manned Guarding Solutions
    With a static manned guarding solution, you will be able to keep a close eye on key points in your business. Usually this includes places like key gates, doors and security checkpoints.

  • Mobile Patrols
    Mobile patrols mean more than a guard who walks throughout your property. Our mobile patrol services provide comprehensive on-site external and internal inspections, with additional services available according to your needs. With this you can feel sure of your security, with every part of your property kept under our watchful eyes.

  • Keyholding & Alarm Response
    Through our 24-hour control room, we ensure a timely response to any alarm. Attending personnel will alert the police and work with them to ensure the situation is contained and properly handled. With our keyholding services, we hold a set of keys for you at our control room, or in a secure on-site vault.
Cleaning Services
Keep your business productive and presentable with our dedicated cleaning services. For office, commercial and industrial cleaning you need look no further. Working on a one-off or contract basis, we flex to the needs of you, your staff and your clients, ensuring thorough, effective cleaning that keeps your working environment open and efficient.
  • Commercial & Office Cleaning
    Tayside Group offers a series of cleaning services that are ideal for keeping businesses in top health. From sweeping, mopping and buffing to kitchen cleaning and more, we make sure that everything from hygiene to aesthetics is kept just the way that you and your staff want it.

  • Industrial Cleaning
    Industrial businesses are, by their very nature, busy environments where heavy work is done. Often involving messy and possibly dangerous materials, it is vital to ensure that any industrial workplace is kept well cleaned and maintained to ensure staff safety and business productivity. Tayside Group will take the stress of this away by offering you reliable and efficient cleaning.

  • Domestic cleaning
    As well as dedicated business cleaning, Tayside Group also offers domestic cleaning services. Offering our dedicated approach and particular attention to detail to individual homes, we are able to ensure that your home receives the same high standards of tidying and cleaning as any business that we serve.
Property Maintenance Services
A commercial building without adequate access to utilities simply cannot compete in the modern world. To keep everything operating properly, Tayside Group offers you a full selection of property maintenance services. We ensure that you can rely on your electricity and water supplies as well as offering you central heating services and maintenance.
  • Utility Supply Services
    We offer a complete package for your business’s utilities. Whether you’re looking to upgrade, or simply need the assurance of maintenance or repairs, we will offer the service you’re after.

  • Central Heating Services
    Tayside Group offers you high quality central heating engineering that will keep you at the ideal temperature no matter the season and whatever the weather.

  • Commercial water and electricity rates
    One of the biggest expenses in running a business is the amount of water and electricity used. Even small businesses demand more from utility companies than domestic properties. Whether its refrigeration, machinery, office equipment or anything else, your business has equipment that needs to keep running.


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