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Peter Wallace
Unit 11, Hewitt Business Park
Winstanley Road

About Floodguard UK Ltd

Floodguard UK offer a diverse selection of products designed to suit all requirements - flood protection, flood prevention, flood management, flood resilience for residential, commercial and historical conservation buildings are all available.

Large, small and medium sized companies have been relying on us for over 16 years to ensure that their premises have a solid and reliable barrier against rising water levels. In addition to commercial properties, our expert team have also given quality advice and provided automatic flood protection products to homeowners that live in high risks areas throughout the UK and Channel Islands - thousands of happy Floodguard UK customers.

Much of the key technology that is used in our work is completely exclusive to us; patented flood protection and prevention products include FloodProof™ Doors (automatic composite, uPVC, hardwood and commercial doors), Flood Guards with “easy lift on/lift off action”, hinged gate barriers, Door Guards, Window Guards, Flood Barriers, Water Stops, Air Bricks, Non Return Valves, garage doors, Waterproof Wall Coatings, new pumpable waterproof floor screeds and Floodproof Membranes, Cellar & Floor waterproofing treatments.

Floodguard UK Ltd travel throughout the United Kingdom to deliver unparalleled flood protection and services.

Residential flood protection from Flood Guard offers unparalleled protection against the deadly effects of flooding in your area. We will ensure that your home forms a solid barrier against rising water with a range of flood mitigation products. First of all it is necessary that we conduct a FREE SURVEY & QUOTATION for you to work out exactly what your needs are and to plan the best flood protection!

Historic Buildings
There are many buildings that are protected due to their historic importance and heritage – meaning that even reconstructive construction work on them is heavily restricted. Listed buildings need to have their aesthetic maintained, so why let their beauty be destroyed by adverse weather? Large estate houses and small private cottages can benefit massively from the installation of flood protection throughout – this will retain the original structure but you’ll be able to relax knowing that your historic building is protected with some of the most effective water mitigation items available.

Your factory, shop, office or other workplace is home to you and your employees every weekday from 9-5 – this is why it’s important that you take the time to invest in your establishment to ensure it’s safe for everyone there. Our extensive range of flood mitigation items have been tried and tested numerous times to ensure that they provide superior protection against the very real threat of flooding. Flood protection from superior brands such at Kitemark include everything to protect all the different vulnerable points in your establishment.

  • Automatic Door Sealing System - Floodguard UK Ltd offer a wide choice of bespoke doors fitted with our Award Winning Automatic Door Sealing System. We offer a wide range of colours and designs to suit both residential and commercial property.

  • Auto Protected Garage System - Flood Proof Garage Doors - Protecting Your Car(s) When Flooding Hits Your Property.

  • Sewerage Anti-Overflow Systems - Flood Claims and Furry Friends – Fitting Drainage Non-Return Valves. Data from the insurance industry would suggest that nearly 50% of all flood claims are due to back-filling of sewerage pipes. This causes a property to be flooded with ‘foul’ water from the inside by flowing back via toilets, plug holes, waste pipes and other underground entry point.

  • Composite Doors - Our High Quality Composite Doors Range Ensures You Both Security And Flood Protection without Having To Compromise On Colours Or Design.

  • De-Mountable Flood Barriers - Available for residential properties, small businesses and public buildings also industrial buildings.

  • Air Bricks - Your property may be safe from flood water at your doors and windows, yet air vents around your property are one place that flood water will be able to get in. An automatic shut off air brick is available, this will automatically shut of any holes in the air brick and stop any ingress of flood water getting into your cavity of your building.

  • Commercial Doors
  • Cavity Pumping & Submersible Pumps
  • Waterproofing Membranes & Coatings


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