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Paul Thompson
22 Hawthornden Gardens
EH19 2BW

About Edinburgh Gutter Cleaning Company

Gutter Cleaning Service In Edinburgh
Gutters won’t clean themselves, and if you don’t maintain your gutters then you risk long-term damage to your property.

Without regular gutter cleaning and maintenance, leaves, dirt and other material can build up in the gutter channel, blocking the gutter. If this happens, when it rains, water will overflow onto the building.

The results can mean damage to stonework and windowframes. You can also end up having damp patches appearing inside your property, where the water has persistently run down the outside wall. Water damage can even end up undermining building foundations.

Gutters Cleaning in Edinburgh and Midlothian
Thorough gutter cleaning is essential to keep your property safe from water damage, both inside and out. Hiring a professional gutters cleaner means you don’t have to risk climbing up ladders, or finding the time to do this essential piece of building maintenance.

Our gutter cleaning service includes:
  • Thorough removal of all gutter debris by hand
  • Checking of all downspouts for drainage problems
  • Making sure all joints are secure with no leaks
  • Finding out if any gutter repairs are needing done
We use ladder stabilisers to ensure there’s no damage to your gutters while we carry out the work, and we guarantee not to disturb any landscaping when we clean your gutters.

We Offer Gutter Repair in Edinburgh and Midlothian
When gutters get damaged, its time for gutter repair, unblocking them may not be enough to ensure that they’ll continue to work as they should. If you leave damaged gutters unrepaired, you risk water damage to your property, with water running down the building’s surface instead of draining away.

What our gutter repair service involves:
  • We thoroughly inspect your gutters, identifying problem areas
  • We repair areas of damage or weakness by re-sealing them and re-attaching the gutter, if required.
Don’t let your gutters deteriorate and risk damage to your property.

Gutter Installation
Over time gutters can deteriorate, and even with cleaning, they may be too damaged to be properly effective. If this is the case, it’s time to get a new gutter. We specialise in professional gutter installation in Edinburgh and Midlothian.

Our gutter install service includes:
  • Removal of old gutters
  • Safe, professional installation of new gutters
Be sure about your gutters and the upkeep of your property, contact us for a quote – we think you’ll like our prices.

How We Can Help Building Conservation
In 2016, the conservation charity Edinburgh World Heritage warned that the city’s status as a World Heritage Site was under threat because over 200 of its historic buildings needed repair. Most of these are privately-owned tenements, and many have rotting windowframes and damaged stonework resulting from blocked gutters. As specialists in tenement gutter cleaning, we know the damage that leaves, vegetation and other material can cause over time.

Edinburgh has had Unesco World Heritage status since 1995 and it would be a tragedy for it to lose it not through inappropriate new developments, but because its existing buildings were poorly maintained. Gutter cleaning and maintenance are essential to keep buildings at their best and, in some cases, helping to restore them to their former glory. Using rope access, we offer expert gutter cleaning for tenements. We’re ready to do our bit to help conserve Edinburgh’s historic buildings.

Where We Work
Edinburgh Gutter Cleaning Co. are Edinburgh based and cover the Lothian region.
uPVC cleaning specialists for conservatories, uPVC windows, doors, soffits, fascias and guttering. We pride ourselves on offering a first class service at a very competitive price.


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