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Wildlife Discovery

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Anthony Bird
Morton Hall
County Nottinghamshire
DN22 8HW

About Wildlife Discovery

Wildlife Discovery Ecological Consultants are freelance & independent ecological surveyors covering all aspects of British ecology: flora & fauna > habitat & species > European protected species > ornithology > habitat design, creation, restoration & management for landowners, developers and householders.

We are licensed bat and great crested newt ecologists in England, Scotland & Wales and registered ecologists with the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management. We are also registered with

WDEC provides independent environmental and ecological advice on planning, mitigation and ecological design throughout the UK. WDEC has evolved from thirty years of hard work, experience and ecological knowledge to offer a no-nonsense, professional, friendly, cost-effective service, tailored to the needs of every individual client.

WDEC are fully licensed, registered and insured. Our professionalism is guaranteed and best practice assured by our membership of and registration to the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management and the British Ecological Society.

Our clients are guaranteed a first class service. WDEC are totally freelance and independent and Ecology is our sole business.

Our motto: 'from Bedrock to Treetop.'

WDEC are not only fully qualified ecologists but time served too, with an intelligent, sensitive approach which we believe truly defines our dedicated team of professionals. WDEC give you our undivided attention and the assurance that while we are working with you on your project you have a 100% dedicated staff focusing on your aims, from conception to resolution.

Wildlife Discovery Ecological Consultants offers a full programme of ecological surveys, data analysis (desk & field) - planning, designing, reporting and delivering on time, every time, as far as it is humanly possible. Our understanding of the species concerned, legislation, the planning process, mitigation and licensing all contributes to 100% client satisfaction.

Our dedicated team were recognised in 2015 when Wildlife Discovery was awarded the title of Best New Ecological Consultancy in the UK, an accolade we are very proud of. Be assured that if we can help, we will.


Busy Time of the Year

It's been a very busy start to the surveying season, April and May have been chocker; bats, breeding birds and spring habitats.
June is filling up nicely too. We've got some mega interesting stuff coming up; a Biodiversity Survey on a historic woodland where Badgers have been seen speculating. Several Bat Dusk/Dawn Surveys on some gorgeous country estates where old buildings desperately need repair or restoration to save them from collapse. A collaboration with a firm of archaeologists on a possible Mesolithic site on a Yorkshire wildlife reserve and an intense Species Survey for the RHS in a very beautiful and magical setting that could become the site of a new exciting annual flower show attraction.

Already 2016 has thrown several new species of bat into the mix in new areas, and if anything like 2015 WD could prove its worth in providing new invaluable data for bats in regions that they were previously unrecorded and thought not to exist.
For example last summer we recorded two new species for Derbyshire; Bechstien's and Barbastelle (the latter of which has now been officially recognised as resident in the county for the first time).

2016 has already proved a good year for new breeding bird species. Woodcock and Red Kite nesting in areas of Nottinghamshire for the first time and breeding Long-eared Owls in a forest in Leicestershire for the first time in 75 years!

Another revelation was that we proved Otters to be living and breeding within a site thought not to be 'favourable' because of its recent industrial past. A real coup for WD early in the season.

But that's what this job is all about for me, the discovery of new species in places they were thought extinct or void and the education of the local people to what gems they have right there on their doorsteps.
These species are all special and protected but they are definitely not to be regarded as a problem and definitely won't get in the way of 'progress' or development.
That's another part of the job that I relish, to find a solution and to work with the people concerned to find an ecological compromise in the best interests of all concerned; humans, fauna, fur, feather or scales or habitats and flora.
Problem-solving in the laboratory of the Great British ecosystem...from Dawn till Dusk, come rain or shine, I'm the luckiest bloke in the business, I see and hear so much that others just simply miss as background noise to their own full, busy lives.
I love deciphering nature's mysteries and providing the answers so we can all live side by side, sharing the spaces provided is my ultimate goal.

If you need help tuning in to the world around you or you think you have a problem with a certain species just get in touch, it's not the stumbling block you may think it is!

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