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About JouleTherm

Welcome to JouleTherm Electric Radiators

The JouleTherm heating system, supplied by Ecovolt, has been specially designed as a central heating system. Electric radiators without the need for boilers, pipes, tanks, gas or oil. Over 60% installation cost savings compared to other systems. Up to 50% running cost savings compared to night storage heaters. They do not require hours of electricity to heat blocks and realise it the following day without control.

Each JouleTherm electric radiator is fitted with a wireless radio wave receiver that communicates back to the JouleTherm JS10/2 Touchscreen Controller. The JS10/2 can be located anywhere within 30 meters of the JouleTherm radiators and the signal can go through walls and floors.

The JouleTherm range of electric radiators are manufactured using the latest in thermal technologies combined with electronic thermostats for accurate control of your electric heaters.

Why JouleTherm is different?

High thermal density kaolin / ceramic heating tablets with embedded stainless steel element spirals are used as the heating source in each radiator. The Kaolin / Ceramic heating plates heat up extremely fast and cool down very slow only using about 15 – 25 minutes of electricity per hour. The design of the radiator quickly transfers this heat into the room. A built in LCD electronic thermostat then regulates the amount of energy that is required to maintain the temperature set by the customer.

The result is a warm cosy radiant heat with full control to the level you desire. There are 5 models of room radiators in the JouleTherm JTi range. Each electric heater is fitted with a built in LCD Thermostat and wireless RF receiver which makes the system very easy to set up a complete central heating system.

The concept of our company was born in 2012 from our experience in the industry of electric heating and controls. We began the research into the JouleTherm heating system and Ecovolt is now a growing company, expanding into new international markets.


Products & Services

JS10/2 Central Heating Controls

JTb IP64 Electric Radiators

JouleTherm JT20i – 2000W Electric Radiator

JouleTherm JT15i – 1500W Electric Radiator

JouleTherm JT12i – 1200W Electric Radiator

JouleTherm JT10i – 1000W Electric Radiator

JouleTherm JT6i – 600W Electric Radiator

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