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Vinution t/a Downlight Attic Seal

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Vincent Boden
Unit 5d Milltown Industrial Estate
Greenan Rd
County Co Down

About Vinution t/a Downlight Attic Seal

  • Reduce Heat Loss & Draughts!
  • Reduce Risk of Condensation!
  • Improve Air Quality & Air-tightness!
  • Reduce Noise, Dust & Insect Infiltration!

Downlight Attic Seal
The Down-light Attic Seal has been developed to be fitted over downlights which are situated in ceilings, to loft/attic.

It is known that downlights are a weak point in the fight against heat loss. This is due to several factors that include these weak areas are not currently insulated and the lights are not air-tight.

See below how fitting the Downlight Attic Seal will save you energy and help make your home more comfortable.

Our product:
  • Allows you to insulate the area around and over the Downlight Attic Seal giving you extra savings on your energy bill
  • Made from flame retardant material, the Down-light Attic Seal provides a safe seal that also contains the ambient heat from the light
  • Allows you to seal around the downlight and reduce draughts
  • Allows you to fit more insulation which means reduced heat loss
  • Meets requirements for Building Regulation 2.3 - C2 - Condensation, L1 - Insulation And Air Leakage, E1 - Sound Protection
  • Improves air quality in living areas by reducing the air flow from loft
  • Works in tandem with heat recovery systems (controlled air flow)
  • Conforms to BS 5250 : 2011 : 3-3
  • Reduces fire risk from household storage items, e.g. Christmas decorations placed on down-lights
  • Manufactured from recyclable flame-retardant materials
  • Once fitted product is maintenance free
  • Can be fitted quickly and easily by anyone, i.e. a real DIY product
  • Can help reduce noise entering and escaping through down-lights
  • Is used as a downlight cover or firehood for over downlights to loft ceilings
  • Can prevent spiders and other insects entering living areas through down-lights

Downlights & Insulation
Down-lights and Loft Insulation together in the ceiling to the loft are a source of heat loss for home owners and of-course concern of how to treat these thermally weak light fittings. The Downlight Attic Seal is a quality product developed to resolve these problems.

The illustration below shows how most downlights in attic ceilings are treated and as a consequence the easy path for draughts and heat-loss.

As can be seen the loft insulation should be kept away from untreated downlights. Loft insulation is not continuous and will leave the ceiling weak in the fight against heat-loss. Each downlight can pass 20 cubic meters per hour of conditioned (heated) air from living area to attic (at 50pa pressure), this is energy and heat loss.


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