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BCP Cranes

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Jo Brand
Troy Industrial Estate
Jill Lane
Sambourne, Redditch
B96 6ES
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09:00 am-05:15 pm
09:00 am-05:15 pm

09:00 am-05:15 pm

09:00 am-05:15 pm

09:00 am-05:15 pm

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Large crane showroom available in 2 factories in Worcestershire.

About BCP Cranes

BCP Cranes UK is the UK’s distribution outlet of Bulgarian based Balkancarpodem AD. With a worldwide crane, crane kit, end carriage and hoist distribution network to over 60 countries BCP are one, if not the largest manufacturers of hoists and New Overhead Cranes in the world.

BCP produces electric wire rope hoists with rated capacities from 1 tonne up to 50 tonnes as well as end carriages to suit. Over two million of its “T” series hoists have already been sold throughout sixty countries worldwide. is the UK and Ireland supplier of BCP Overhead Cranes, Gantry Cranes, Electric Chain Hoists and End Carriages.

Because all BCP manufacturing takes place in Bulgaria our overheads are low which means we can pass on those tremendous savings to you. Everything we supply comes with full ISO Safety ratings 9001:2008, and BS OHSAS 1800:2001, this guarantees top quality in our entire product range.

Research and Development
BCP prides itself on a long term strategy of investing in research and development to make sure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to discovering improvements. Everything BCP does is aimed at raising the bar for efficiency, reliability and quality.

Production on a Huge Scale
BCP Cranes manufactures around 5,000 wire rope hoists and 800 electric chain hoists each year which makes BCP one of the worlds biggest suppliers.

Rope Hoists From BCP Cranes
BCP Cranes have a full range of Electric Wire Rope Hoists to meet all your lifting requirements. Our range is so comprehensive that we are confident that you will get the lifting equipment that you need at a price you’ll love.

Our Range of Hoists
The type of the hoists is to be defined in accordance with the load spectrum, the average operating time per day in hours, the loading capacity and the reeving.

Each rope hoist working load limit is available in 4 different applications of hoist type; stationary, standard headroom, low headroom for single girder cranes, and crab units for double girder cranes.

The range of safe working loads includes; 1t, 1.6t, 2t, 2.5t, 3.2t, 4t, 5t, 6.3t, 8t 10t, 12.5t, 16t, 20t, 25t, 32t and 50t.

End Carriages from BCP
BCP Cranes is a leading supplier of End Carriages to the gantry crane market throughout the UK and Ireland. We specialise in single and double girder overhead travelling cranes, with up to four travel wheels. Also known as bogies and end carts our End Carriages are market leaders and are sold throughout 60 countries worldwide.

We stock Balkancar Podem inverter ready crane end carriages. They are also available in both single and 2 speed operations at the same price. Inverter driven cranes are becoming increasingly popular in recent times as they result in far less breakdowns and maintenance issues, and give a far more controllable traveling load with reduced load hook swing or sway.

Our BCP end carriages are top running carriages most suited to a 40mm or 50mm square bar, or crane rail. They are also available as underslung crane carriages in push or powered travel but underslung end truck are far less common.

Our Range
We aim to exceed your expectations when it comes to our crane end carriages by designing the very best for when it comes to performance and hard as nails strength. They operate smoothly as they start with matching drive capability. The BCP smooth running attributes are because of the high self-damping on the travel wheels we supply you.

BCP has a wide range end trucks for overhead cranes or crabs, not forgetting that all our end carriages are easy to adjust and maintain.

Our Double Girder (Bogie type) carriages are very popular as are able to operate in confined spaces and our Underslung End-Carriages offer width spans up to sixteen metres and safe load capacities of as much as ten tons.

Operating Range
BCP End Carriages are can be supplied as standard (typically 30m/minute inverter ready) or dual speed operations and have the ability to work at maximum capacity in temperatures going from twenty to forty °C. We hold a large stock of crane long travel panels with 48 volt controls ready to go out with the carriages. Other voltages such as 24 volt and 110 volt are also manufactured. Alternatively UK crane builders can make their own crane control panels.

What we can Offer
BCP cranes have an extensive product range of portal crane end carriages covering most overhead gantry crane manufacturers needs from stock. However if you require some bespoke modifications then we are happy to bring our years of experience to your aid.


BCP Cranes General Description

Crane hoist and end carriage importers from Bulgaria. We are the UKs stockists of Balkancar Pode
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