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16 Edna Street
SK14 1LD

About Greenbank Machinery and Plant Ltd

Greenbank Machinery Lift Service Repairs and Maintenance Hyde Lancashire North West England UK

Greenbank Machinery & Plant Ltd was originally established in 1975. At that time the company dealt predominately with tacho generators manufactured by Radio Energie. The REO444R being the industry standard shaft mounted tacho. Confined areas may benefit from units with smaller overall dimensions ie REO444N / REO122 / REO315. There are also a number of hollow bore units available. The RDC14 proves to be widely used in a variety of applications along with the Hubner GTR / GTB range. The REO444L / GTF7.16 are generally used for lift maintenance. (As from June 2015 a large number of the smaller tachos will cease manufacture by Radio Energie / Precilec) Baumer Hubner have many equivalents to choose from.

Greenbank specialise in the field of speed sensing and responded quickly to the introduction of incremental and absolute encoders to the market place. Greenbank forged excellent links with the Italian company Italsensor (previously Tekel Srl) becoming their sole UK agent, giving our large customer base the option of analogue/digital. The TK50 series includes the TK561 which is specifically manufactured with an 11mm shaft. This encoder is a drop in replacement for the REO444R and TDP02LT tacho. There are a series of hollow bore encoders including the TKW615 and the TSW80 for larger bores, 44mm being a standard.

We are more than happy to help customers source other manufacturers i.e. Hengstler, Heidenhain, Kublar, Tamagawa, Parvex, Baumuller, Dynapar, Ideacod, Magnetic, Lika, Elap, Wakendorf etc. It may be possible in some circumstances to arrange equivalent units to order. This often reduces lead times in breakdown situations.

In 2008 Greenbank Machinery & Plant Ltd was taken over by the current directors who are committed to continuing strong links with both Radio Energie/Precilec and Italsensor Srl (Tekel Srl). Greenbank were proud to become an official supplier for the Baumer group in 2009 - brands include Hubner, Thalheim and IVO. Greenbank have recently in 2012 been invited to become an official distributor of Hohner es encoders.

In 2015 Greenbank added another supplier to growing demand in Rotary/Linear Encoders. They are Precizika Metrology. Formally from Russia and now operating from Lithuania. These encoders service all areas including Elevators, Cranes, Solar panel, Wind Systems, Rotary Tables, Mining Drills, CNC etc

The policy of Greenbank Machinery & Plant Ltd remains to carry a comprehensive stock of products to help ensure orders can be completed on the same day. We pride ourselves on our fast, friendly and efficient service and are quick to respond to all enquiries worldwide. We are now stocking the programmable encoders suitable for breakdown situations.

To complement our range of products we also offer an in-house repair/spares facility of which magnetic calibration is part of the repair process.

Tachogenerators have been employed in industry for many years and enable the control of machinery on your company's production line, where precise rotation speeds are desired. In appearance a tachogenerator takes the form of a small electric motor, but with a much higher specification. The device can be directly coupled, in-line, via a flexible coupling to a driven spindle or belt driven by means of a timing belt and pulley arrangement. Usually, it is coupled to the main drive motor for which control is required.

When it is required to determine the angular position of rotating shafts then a rotary encoder or optical encoder is used. They usually take the form of a miniature electric motor in appearance, and sometimes get mistaken for stepper motors.

The optical encoder drive shaft is directly coupled to a rotating spindle via a flexible coupling. An electric signal is derived from the unit in a system of digital pulses. This pulse train is produced by a combination of a calibrated disc and light emmitting diode.

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