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Mr Steve Cops
22 Arnside Road,
County Hampshire

About Veranti Limited

Hampshire’s Leading Aluminium Fabricators
We specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of high quality and high performance building envelopes, including aluminium and composite curtain walling, structural glazing, shop-fronts, doors and windows, brise soleil and louvres for commercial applications.

As the region’s most respected aluminium fabricator, offering a comprehensive range of solutions, we have a reputation for service, quality, delivery, manufacturing and installation of high-performance architectural aluminium glazing using industry-leading profiles.

We are committed and proven in achieving strict acoustic façade requirements, and thermal performance for your unique build requirements.

Our industry expertise enables a unique integrated design service, offering support and advice for architectural design, and crucially to implement practical solutions for effective cost savings without compromise.


Aluminium Door Systems
Performance, durability and aesthetics are the key concerns for those involved in specifying doors for new build or refurbishment projects. Here at Veranti the aluminium doors we fabricate and supply are designed and tailored to meet individual customer requirements.

Whether you need a custom-designed door to complement an entrance façade, or perhaps weather resistance for an exposed location, access control systems or added security for vulnerable areas, we work hard to ensure your build and door system delivers. Veranti can offer durable commercial aluminium doors for high traffic use or lightweight contemporary doors for residential applications and anything in between.

Aluminium Window Systems
Performance, durability and aesthetics – these are the main considerations when specifying windows for new builds or refurbishments.

Here at Veranti, we specialise in the fabrication of all types and styles of windows using quality aluminium and aluminium-timber composite systems, manufactured in a variety of configurations, such as side-hung, bottom-hung, top-hung, horizontal and vertical pivot, tilt and turn, top-swing reversible and sliding. We are also able to supply UPVC windows manufactured by one of partner companies to the same high standards and styles

Curtain Walling
Curtain walling systems have been developed to create impressive yet functional façades, providing architects with the flexibility to create high performance solutions, which are visually exciting, both internally and externally. From sheer high-rise glass walls incorporating complex shapes and uninterrupted views to simple but dramatic entrances, the curtain wall gives the architect the opportunity to create stunning envelopes. With an extensive range of profiles and accessories, we offer one of the most comprehensive curtain walling systems on the market today.

Veranti’s aluminium louvres are used across numerous applications, ranging from decorative aesthetics to precisely controlled airflow in large plant rooms. Our louvres come in numerous blade types offering differing degrees of airflow and weather proofing, and can be either anodised or powder coated to meet the architects requirements. Trickle ventilation or louvre wall – Veranti can provide a solution.

Brise Soleil
Brise Soleil, or architectural sun-shading, typically projects from the sunniest façade of a building, whereby large amounts of glass is present. This is to offer protection against overheating, often resulting in a 30% reduction in cooling load, if used with correct ventilation.

A well-designed and applied brise soleil solution is a natural way of maintaining a comfortable and energy efficient climate in any build. Veranti Limited can incorporate brise soleil in to your architectural design specification, manufacture and install directly on to the façade, regardless of whether it is a curtain walling or window system.

Veranti Limited specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of high-quality and high-performance building envelopes.

Aluminium Fabrication & Install
As the region’s most respected aluminium fabricator, offering comprehensive aluminium glazing solutions, we have a reputation for exceptional service, quality, delivery, manufacturing and installation of high-performance architectural aluminium glazing. Our expertise and resources means we can provide a comprehensive service, supporting your build from concept to completion.

Aluminium Fabrication and Supply
Our commitment to supporting your project and budget requirements, aligned with our knowledge and resources, means we are able to offer a flexible service package. We can provide complete aluminium glazing solutions fabricated to the highest standard with the Veranti fabricate and supply only service.

Integrated Design Solutions
Veranti Limited provides a fully bespoke and integrated design and construction package for building envelopes, including curtain walling, windows, doors and structural glazing systems. Incorporating curtain walling into your concept design can create a unique and cost-effective solution for your building.

For more information, please contact us!


Are mass self-build sites really the future of housing?

As Homes & Property recently discussed, house-hunters are increasingly seeking properties that are eco-friendly. From triple glazing to solar panels, there’s a growing focus on using homes to reduce their carbon footprint.

Architect and member of the ecobuild Steering Group, Lynne Sullivan OBE, warned that you can’t just rely on a good EPC rating: “You can have solar panels or renewable energy, but post-war houses typically lose most of their heat through their roofs, walls, and windows so fixing the fabric of the house first and ensuring you have good ventilation should be the priority.”

Sure, technology is certainly helping to improve current properties, but what if homeowners could build their own eco home, without the hassle of trying to find land and securing planning permission?
Mass Self-Build

That’s the aim of a pioneering project new project in Oxfordshire. Graven Hill is the UK’s largest mass custom self-build site, featuring 1,900 homes that are being designed by the homeowners.

As The Guardian puts it: “Graven Hill is the UK’s boldest experiment ever in self-build and custom build, enabling individuals to design inspiring homes on pre-prepared plots, limited only by their imagination and their budget.”

Situated on former Ministry of Defence land bought by the local council, the project enables buyers to select a plot – ranging from a two-bed “pocket” home to a six-bed detached – and then have their designs fast-tracked through the planning system.

Compared to regulations found at standard sites, all the homes at Graven Hill are required to comply with much stricter eco-standards.

While the demographic of the buyers may vary, it seems Graven Hill occupants are after the same features for their homes.

Craig Strachan, development director at Sylva, a design and build company involved at Graven Hill, told The Guardian: “Every single one is very modern. People like flat roofs, big glazed areas, modern construction materials and rendering and aluminium windows. They are also much less precious about the number of bedrooms.”

He notes that a nearby development has squeezed five bedrooms into the same space their buyers are using for three. “People want great design rather than adding more bedrooms for a supposed better resale value,” he added.
Could this be the future of housing?

The project has certainly piqued the interest of other councils, with many visiting the site to determine how they could expand the concept across the country. And, as costs reduce, what’s to stop smaller plots from popping up?

This ground-breaking scheme is certainly an exciting new option, providing homeowners with the freedom to choose, design and build their dream home, knowing it meets their environmental credentials. It could also transform the aesthetics of housing developments in the UK, creating interesting streets full of individuality, rather than lines of the same style.

Aluminium doesn’t just provide design flexibility, it’s also incredibly eco-friendly. To learn more about our systems, please get in touch with Veranti today.
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Veranti are specialists in the field of Aluminium fabrication, Structural glazing systems, Structural door systems and Curtain walling
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