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01424 775866
John Locke
Vantage Point
North Trade Road
TN33 9LJ
England UK

About Amadeus Acoustic Solutions Ltd

About Us
Amadeus provides expert solutions for musicians, music and education establishments, and performing arts venues.

The Amadeus Group comprises three companies that, together, provide a cohesive package of individually tailored solutions designed to meet the demands of each client.

We can help you, whether you require:

  • A feasibility study
  • Planning and development of a new performance space
  • Acoustic consultancy to help refurbish, or design and build a new music department, catering, commercial or office environment
  • Quality equipment to furnish your performing arts venue

Amadeus provides the expertise required, providing a professional service and working collaboratively with its clients in order to get the right result.

Amadeus Acoustic Solutions Ltd ImageAmadeus Acoustic Solutions Ltd Image

Our flexible range of sound management solutions, from acoustic treatment panels and bass traps to acoustic screens and shields. Ask our acoustic consultants for specialist advice on treatments for an unlimited range of environments.

Acoustic consultants, soundproofing solutions, acoustic treatment and installation services for rooms, studios and venues of any size.

Acoustic design and refurbishment for effective sound management, accessibility and comfort within auditoria and performance venues.

Amadeus Acoustic Solutions Ltd ImageAmadeus Acoustic Solutions Ltd Image

Music Studio Design
Amadeus is highly experienced in the design and realisation of bespoke music rehearsal and recording studios.

We have completed scores of studio design projects, from contemporary garden rooms to soundproofing an old residential garage for drum practice, and have a broad knowledge of the ideal acoustic products to complement and improve sound management within the space.

Auditorium Design
Amadeus Auditorium Design (AAD Ltd) was established to provide clients in the education sector with an innovative approach to either the refurbishment or creation of performance spaces.

Our experienced team can recognise how the space will be used and viewed from acoustic and aesthetic criteria. Considerations include practical planning, health and safety, audience capacities, lighting, air circulation, curtaining, staging and, of course, sound management. Our main objective is to design the space from the inside out.

Acoustic Consultancy
Amadeus provides specialist advice on acoustic treatment and sound management for an unlimited range of environments.

Our acoustic consultancy service offers the benefit of specialist knowledge and many years of experience to provide you with the acoustic products that are most suited to your needs, whether soundproofing a room or designing a new auditorium.

Bespoke Instrument Storage
Amadeus designs bespoke musical instrument storage units to your exact specification.

Hand-crafted by British joiners, our bespoke instrument storage is versatile, practical and aesthetically pleasing, as well as tailored to your budget.

Using your schedule of instruments and quantities as the starting point for our planning and design service, we then look at the space available for storage and produce CAD plans to maximise that space to store as many instruments as possible, safely and correctly.

Amadeus Acoustic Solutions Ltd ImageAmadeus Acoustic Solutions Ltd Image



Suite Complete Following BOXY Room Move

Following on from an earlier blog we are pleased to report that the Royal College of Music’s Ziff Suite project is now complete.

We left this story with 8 modular B level BOXY rooms housed within temporary accommodation in the RCM courtyard (thus allowing students to continue with rehearsal and practice whilst refurbishment of the college progressed). In just 11 days our team had arrived on site, dismantled, moved and re-installed the BOXY rooms into their new location, along with three additional rooms, with minimal disruption to all those involved.

In the video below two RCM students and the Director of Finance and Estates, Marcus McDonald, tell us of their experiences with the rooms and the overall success of the project.

We would like to thank the Royal College of Music, Marcus McDonald, Kristiana Ignatjeva, Jacob Bagby and the college’s Communications Department for their participation and assistance in making this video.
New Territory for the Alpha Dog

Early in the year we took a call from well known composer for TV, film, advertising and video games – Ed White. Ed asked for our guidance in designing and constructing a bespoke, cedar-clad studio at his home in London.

Carl Freslov (Operations Director) surveyed the proposed site in mid-February and work on Ed’s dream space began in May. Just two and a half weeks later, and with only 3 guys on site, (amid wind, rain, hail and a little sunshine) Alpha Dog Music had its new base. Not merely a glorified garden room, but a tailor-made, acoustically treated private space for Ed to record instruments, vocals and orchestration, prepare parts and mix and edit scores – all within a bone’s throw of his own back door!

If you are interested in creating your own music haven and would like a quotation please contact us on 01424 775867.
Royal Northern College of Music Thinks Big…Very, Very Big!

On Tuesday 22 March, the Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM) proudly announced their plans to transform their former Studio Theatre into a state-of-the-art rehearsal and recording area. And how will they do this? With a BOXY modular room system of course!

However, this is not any old BOXY suite………RNCM think big.

Very, very big.

So big that their plans will result in the world’s largest BOXY modular room to date!
Needless to say, Amadeus and BOXY are absolutely thrilled and incredibly excited that RNCM have selected them to deliver this project which will convert the space, previously used for small-scale productions and concerts, into a designated student area with a particular focus on popular music.

Amadeus and BOXY can’t wait to get started!

For the full story click here to read RNCM’s blog.

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Many congratulations to Sam Rudd-Jones of Stamford Endowed Schools, Lincolnshire, for winning the Amadeus MMA Composition Competition 2016!

Sam’s final ensemble piece ‘Riemann’ is a well structured and innovative interplay of piano and violin that provides the musicians freedom to ad lib in certain places from piano tremolos to freely changing tempos. As Sam outlined within his brief:

“When Beethoven wrote his violin sonatas they were subtitled “for Piano and Violin”, reflecting the dominant role the piano played. I’ve planned to reimagine this concept in a more modern style where the violin is an instrument that adds colour rather than purely carrying melody while the piano accompanies. For the piano I will explore the full range and the different effects that are obtainable. A particular idea in mind I have is a bass tremolo that makes a rumbling noise. With the violin I’d like to explore some of the harsher texture (e.g. detaché) and also make use of the open strings that are available.”

Many congratulations also go to runners up, Ben Wili of Cranleigh School and Morgan Overton of Oakham School. The overall standard of all entrants was incredibly high and all three finalists’ pieces showed exceptional maturity and creativity.

The results of the competition were announced at the end of a busy day of workshops arranged by the MMA and hosted by Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School. Workshops held included a morning session on each of three finalists’ compositions, led by adjudicator and published composer, Jonathan Willcocks. The session gave all attendees a chance to hear a professional ensemble play each composition, which was then discussed with its composer and feedback provided by Jonathan and the musicians. An engaging and informative afternoon session was then led by Dr Steven Berryman, composer and Director of Music at City of London School for Girls, whose session looked at ways to tackle composition briefs including tips on how to achieve the best marks within an exam.

We are delighted to have been able to sponsor this extremely successful and well received competition and we wish Sam, Morgan and Ben the very best of luck for their future studies and musical ventures.
Supersize Me! Amadeus and BOXY install their largest modular music studios yet….

When Terminal Studios lost their original Bermondsey home in Lamb Walk, they needed to find a suitable new location and facilities…fast!

Having found ideal premises in the area, they called on Amadeus to create two huge studios for the establishment. The modular nature of Amadeus’ BOXY rooms meant that the studios could be installed incredibly quickly with minimal disruption. At 10m x 7m x 3.5m and 7m x 5m x 3m, these were the largest rooms BOXY and Amadeus had ever built; however, 10 days later Terminal Studios opened their new facilities and within days they had been sampled by none other than Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds!

The following film shows the rooms’ installation….
MMA Amadeus Composition Competition Heads for Finalé

The competition is heating up and Amadeus were excited to hear that the three finalists in the MMA Amadeus Composition Competition have been announced.

They are:

Morgan Overton; Oakham School
Sam Rudd-Jones; Stamford Endowed Schools
Benjamin Wili; Cranleigh School
These compositions will now be scrutinized at the Composition Workshop Day on March 15th, (register here) with the winning composition announced at the end of the day and then featured in MMA’s Ensemble magazine.

Jonathan Willcocks, adjudicator for the competition commented that “the standard of entries was incredibly high and compositions displayed great thought and variety”.
Jonathan will be feeding back to all of the entrants in the competition.

We can’t wait to hear the final compositions and wish Morgan, Sam and Benjamin the very best of luck!

More details on the Composition Workshop Day at CVMS, London here.

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Amadeus Composition Competition: Are you nurturing the next Nørgård or preparing the next Panufnik?

Amadeus, in collaboration with the MMA, are thrilled to announce a brand new composition competition aimed at years 10+.

With prizes up to £300, a report in the MMA’s Ensemble magazine and a recording of the winning piece by a professional ensemble, this is an excellent opportunity for students to represent their schools and showcase their skills.

Students are challenged to compose a piece for up to a 6 member chamber ensemble with a pupil set brief, lasting at least 2 minutes in duration.

The competition schedule includes a workshop at St George’s College, Weybridge, on 2nd December, for which the MMA has secured prize-winning composer Aaron Holloway-Nahum to give a ‘Creative Intentions’ class to kick start the competition process and inspire any composers.

The competition closes on 12th February and the top three entrants will be selected on 26th February.

A final workshop will then follow at a London venue where the students can work on compositional techniques and attend a lecture on general composition. There will be a workshop performance of the three winning compositions that have been chosen by the adjudicator (published composer and conductor – Jonathan Willcocks) who will also give guidance and host a Q&A session for anyone who would like to bring along their compositions for advice.

Amadeus have been proud corporate members and sponsors of the MMA for over 20 years and we are delighted to launch this prestigious competition in concert with the association. In doing so, we hope to help the MMA inspire our next generation of composers further, through meeting, listening, talking, and sharing ideas.

Full competition details can be found on the MMA website.

Come on… show off your Shostakoviches!

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