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Mr Matthew Saunders
75 Arthur Street
County Worcestershire
B98 8JY
England, UK

About SEA Group

Specialising in ground stabilisation products and construction consumables, SEA has been supplying the construction industry for over 10 years. Innovation, design and value are the cornerstones to our philosophy and demonstrated in our market leading products that provide answers to every day challenges. Three of which are listed below:
  • 1. Domed auger bung – We listened to our customers complaining that flat plate auger bungs would bend and tuck up inside the auger, resulting in hours of down time and lost production. We designed and manufactured the domed auger bung. By adding a prestressed dome in the plate, we increased the strength of the plate by 59% without additional material and therefore cost. The result - a cost effective a stronger bung that resists bending.

  • 2. P3 Concrete Primer – For many years there has been little choice on where to source a concrete pump primer for both rubber and steel concrete delivery systems. Many felt the lack of competition had resulted in over inflated prices. SEA developed a concentrated formula called P3 in 2015 which is used by many of the piling companies today and has reportedly saved the industry around 30%.

  • 3. Protective Hose Bagging – There are many hazards on a construction site and pumping concrete under pressure suspended tens of metres off the ground is no exception. SEA’s hose bagging offers an immediate and effective way of ensuring the safety of those in the vicinity from burst hoses. With it’s unique exhaust system, the hose bagging allows the safe and measured release of pressured concrete from a burst hose into the protective bagging, giving the pump operator valuable seconds to cease pumping.
As an engineering company with UK designers and engineers, we work closely with our customers to deliver bespoke products manufactured to their specific requirements. Many of our products are CE Marked for quality and traceability and in 2011 SEA achieved Achilles Link Up accreditation to supply the Rail Industry.

SEA’s range of construction products can be categorised into three distinct sectors:
  • 1. Piling Accessories – From Auger teeth and bungs to lead augers and screw anchors. SEA offer a comprehensive list of accessories to ensure you have everything you need on site.

  • 2. Concrete Consumables – Concrete flexible hoses, sponge balls, steel bends and Primer to line before pumping are some of the items that are stocked and available for next day delivery.

  • 3. Drilling – Offering a range of drill bar from 25mm to 114mm, SEA are able to supply CE marked threaded bar for embankment stabilisation or piles for extreme conditions where no other piling solution will suffice.
SEA is a British company with its head office and warehousing in the UK and Operations in Tianjin China. The journey begins in identifying our customer’s requirements here in the UK and then our sales and engineering staff work closely to scope the requirement out before handing the sourcing of the item over to our colleagues in China. Our experienced team of manufacturing experts have a network of over one hundred approved and audited manufacturers throughout China, working together with our customers, we are able to select the appropriate supplier for each enquiry or project in accordance with the customer’s budget, quality requirement and delivery deadlines.

If the product is a stock item, warehousing is provided in Redditch in the Midlands and is perfectly positioned to service all parts of the country. All orders received before 3pm are guaranteed next day delivery. So, no matter whether you need whipchecks or concrete clamps sending urgently to site or a regular order of 4” or 5” auger bungs to your yard, SEA will guarantee they’re there.

Please take a minute to view all our products at and if there’s something you need that you don’t see, please get in touch and we’d be delighted to explore the options with you.


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