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74 Oldfield Road
County Middlesex
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About HB42

HB42 Ultimate Sealant & Adhesives
HB42 ‘All-in-One’ Sealant & Adhesive Seals, Sticks & Fills. Based on the new generation of advanced hybrid polymer technology for outstanding adhesion and strength. HB42 can be used inside and outdoors, from sealing bathrooms to guttering. Unlike other sealants and adhesives, HB42 is odourless, anti-mould, food safe and has been GEV approved, recognised for its very low emissions. HB42 ‘Super’ Grab The Ultimate answer to fixing has an initial bond strength double that of most other grab adhesives, will bond to most substrates and will even bond in the wet.

Why HB42?
Unlike other sealants and adhesives, HB42 is odourless, food safe and has been GEV approved with its very low emission levels. HB42 is able to bond to almost anything, including lead. Recommended for use inside and outdoors, it works in wet conditions and even bonds underwater!

HB42 Ultimate Silicones
Professional quality, high gloss silicones – ideal for bathrooms and wet rooms. Mould-resistant and non-staining. Gives you a premium quality, high gloss, professional finish to all bathrooms and wet rooms. It can also be used on kitchens, stone floors, granite and marble worktops, external brickwork, glazing and connection and expansion joints.

HB42 Eco-Foil Ultimate Sealant & Adhesive
HB42 ’All-in-One’ Sealant & Adhesive is the ultimate answer to sealing, fixing and filling. All-in-One, seals, sticks and fills – designed to meet the complex demands of the construction industry. Based on advanced hybrid polymer technology, this trade strength sealant and adhesive offers outstanding performance across a wide range of industrial applications, including adhesion to glass, wood, stainless steel, aluminium, porcelain, UPVC, coated metal and polystyrene. HB42 can be used inside and outdoors, in the wet or dry!

HB42 ‘All-in-One’ Le Filla
A rapid hardening polyester filler paste for the filling and repairing of holes and surface imperfections in a wide range of materials – Wood, Metal, Plaster, GRP, Concrete and more. HB42 Le Filla® two-part ‘All-in-One’ Filler is a rapid hardening polyester filler paste for the filling and repairing of holes and surface imperfections in a wide range of materials.

HB42 Ultimate Wood Filler
NEW HB42 Wood Filler is an ultra-smooth 2-part, styrene-free wood filler that provides a tough, long-lasting repair on all woods inside and out. NEW FORMULA HB42 Ultimate Wood Filler for all professional wood repairs inside and out. Easy mix application, the filler sets hard to a strong finish in 30 minutes for a weatherproof repair.

HB42 Ultimate Solvent
HB42 Solvent ‘All-In-One’…Cleans & Removes HB42 Solvent ‘the ultimate answer’ to safely removing sealants and adhesives and other stubborn deposits. HB42 Solvent is fast acting on dirt, chewing gum, tar, wax, adhesive labels and even ‘splashes of cement’. The ideal partner to the HB42 Sealant Range, use for professional preparation work, ensuring the maximum adhesion and long term performance.

HB42 Ultimate Bond
HB42 Super Strength Mitre bond activator, will create an instant bond on many substrates. Used primarily on wood mitre joints or on porous, acidic or difficult to bond surfaces including MDF, Acrylic, PBV, Timber, Steel, Rubber, Leather, Ceramics and Aluminium. The Mitre bond activator is an aerosol that accelerates the cure speed of the super glue on wood mitre joints and difficult to bond surfaces.

HB42 Ultimate Fast Grab Wood Glue
The only wood glue you need. HB42 Ultimate Fast Grab Wood Glue gives you the benefits of an interior and exterior glue and also a fast grab bond in 10 minutes! HB42 Wood Glue is a super strong PVA, of high Spec D3 Grade, which is suitable for all woods.

HB42 Ultimate Pro-Finish Dec Caulk
The Ultimate Decorators Caulk 380ml has over double the flexibility of leading caulk brands at 12.5%, making it more resistant to movement and longer-lasting. Fill deeper, wider and overpaint in 1 hour!

HB42 Ultimate Waterproofer
Using MS Hybrid Polymer technology, HB42 Ultimate Waterproofer creates the perfect waterproof membrane that is highly elastic, self-levelling, non-brittle, and has gap filling properties suitable for all kinds of waterproofing repairs inside and out.

HB42 Ultimate Liquid-Grab
Liquid-HB42 Ultimate Liquid-Grab is an ultra strong, semi-elastic and ready to use liquid-grab adhesive… based on the latest MS Hybrid Polymer technology. Ideal for all full surface vertical bonding. HB42 Ultimate Liquid-Grab has a very fast cure time and can be used on a wide range of materials including timber, cork, tiles, enamel, PVC, stainless steel, aluminium and various synthetic materials.

HB42 PS1 Primer-Sealer Stain Block
A premium white shellac primer-sealer, HB42 PS1 Primer-Sealer Stain Block for high performance permanent stain blocking. The Ultimate Stain Blocker in one coat!



New HB42 Ultimate Waterproofer

HB42 has launched its new Ultimate Waterproofer. Available in trade-sized 6kg tubs, this waterproof membrane is highly elastic, self-levelling, non-brittle, and has gap filling properties suitable for all kinds of repairs and seals both internally and externally.

You can apply the HB42 Ultimate Waterproofer straight from the tub with a brush, trowel, or squeegee – there is no need for mixing. It’s ready to use, easily applied, fast curing and immediately waterproof. It can also be applied in dry or damp conditions and on damp surfaces too, making it ideal for repairs where leaks or seals have ruptured.
New HB42 Liquid Grab

HB42 has launched the Ultimate Liquid Grab, a powerful trade-strength adhesive for use on a wide range of materials. Suitable for vertical and full surface bonding applications, HB42 Ultimate Liquid Grab can be used when bonding shower wall panels, splash backs and cladding tiles. The product is also appropriate for bonding tile on tile and stainless steel.

HB42 Ultimate Liquid Grab is designed to be extremely strong when dry and can vertically glue treated wood, enamel, tiles, hard PVC, stainless steel and much more. It is suitable for use on both absorbent and non-absorbent bases such as concrete and brick, stuccowork, chipboard, MDF, mosaic and gypsum-based products.
HB42 All-in-One launches in 400ml ‘Eco-Foils’

Hilton Banks has launched its best selling HB42 All-in-One Sealant and Adhesive in 400ml Eco-Foils, removing the environmental problem of disposing of the single use plastic cartridge, normally associated with these type of products.

The new HB42 All-in-One 400ml Eco-Foils produce 95% less waste than the single use tubes and users get 38% more sealant than in the 290ml plastic tube. HB42 All-in-One seals, sticks and fills, is flexible up to 230%, can be over-painted and works in the wet. It is low in VOCs and bonds to almost anything; it is also food safe, fully curing in 24 hours.

It is estimated that over 2 million single use plastic cartridges are put into landfill every week in the UK, an unsustainable figure, especially when plastics can take up to 500 years to fully decompose.

“We are acting in a bid to tackle the pressing environmental problem of disposing of the single use plastic cartridge,” explains Scarlet McAleese-Banks, Marketing Director for Hilton Banks.

“The Eco-Foils are very durable and foil guns are easy-to-use and keep extremely clean throughout their use. They also take a plastic sealant cartridge so can be used with every type of sealant if required. At the end of their life, the waste left over from foils is tiny compared to the plastic tubes and the foils are much easier to dispose of.”
HB42 launches its Ultimate Roadshow: Look out for the eye-catching ‘Aladdin’s Cave’ of sealant and adhesive

Coming soon to a merchant near you! Leading sealants and adhesives specialist HB42 has launched its Ultimate Roadshow, the centre piece being its new eye-catching trailer stocked full of HB42’s products, information and goodies.

The HB42 Trailer is designed to fit into merchant yards and car parks, and is ready to welcome installers inside to see for themselves just how effective the HB42 Ultimate range of products are.

“It has been tough not getting out and seeing the trade face to face over the last 18 months, so it’s great to be getting back to product demonstrations. Our experts will be on hand to give hints and tips and practical information which will help our customers understand the breadth and flexibility of our range,” says Scarlet McAleese-Banks, Co-Managing Director of HB42.

The HB42 Ultimate range was launched in 2013 includes sealant and adhesives, silicone, fillers, solvents, glues and decorator’s caulk. The company was also one of the first to launch its Ultimate Sealant and Adhesive in the sustainable Eco Foils.

For more details visit
HB42 launches the PS1 Primer-Sealer Stain Block

Leading sealants and adhesives specialist HB42 has launched a premium white shellac primer-sealer, PS1 Primer-Sealer Stain Block. Formulated for high performance, permanent stain blocking, this powerful product stains blocks in just one coat.

PS1 is suitable for interior surfaces and to ‘spot’ exterior surfaces. Providing a rapid matt finish that covers stains in one coat, it is ideal for use on all interior woodwork, plaster, glossy and hard to paint surfaces such as tiles, varnish, or gloss paints.

The special formula blocks odours including mould, smoke and nicotine and seals-in stains from grease, water, smoke, wood knotting and sap residue, crayon, ink, lipstick, rust and more. The product can also be used to seal porous surfaces so top coat paints have better coverage.

Another advantage of PS1 is that it dries in 15 minutes and is ready for a recoat in 45 minutes. The primer sealer is white, can paint any surface and no sanding is required before you coat it with any paint. It is also tintable, with universal tinters.

“PS1 combines professional performance backed with our commitment to cost effectiveness and availability for the trade,” explains Scarlet McAleese-Banks, HB42’s Joint Managing Director.

“With over 150 years of experience, Hilton Banks is committed to expanding the HB42 range with high quality products that meet the high demands of trade users and the launch of PS1 is part of that ethos too.”

HB42 PS1 Primer-Sealer Stain Block is available in 500ml, 1ltr, 2.5ltr and 5ltr tins. For more details visit
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