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Mike Charkow
8 Harbour Place

About AV Arboriculture Ltd

Professional and experienced arborists
Arbor Vitae Arboriculture is owned by Mike Charkow, a consulting arborist with over 16 years of professional arboricultural experience.

Our tree experts are dedicated to providing a helpful, comprehensive and professional advisory service, working with a broad range of commercial and domestic clients across Scotland and the UK.

Expert advice
Arbor Vitae Arboriculture offers all aspects of tree consultancy:
  • Tree condition surveys to meet the property owner’s “duty of care”
  • Tree planting advice, plus advice on the safety, care and protection of trees
  • Commercial tree surveys to British Standard 5837:2012
  • Services to help reduce the impact on trees during development and to enable successful completion of construction projects
All our consultancy and tree work is guided by industry best practice and the latest developments in arboricultural research.

Professional tree consultants in Edinburgh
Arbor Vitae Arboriculture was established in 2010 to provide professional tree inspections, surveys and reports plus knowledgeable advice regarding tree care and protection.

Owned by Mike Charkow, the company works mainly in Edinburgh and the surrounding area – the Lothians, the Borders, Fife, Perthshire, Angus, Stirlingshire – as well as further afield in Scotland and the UK.

Our commercial partners include many architects and developers in and around Edinburgh.
Clients include local authorities, utility providers, large land-owners, housing factors, private home-owners and community projects across Scotland.

Advice on any aspect of your trees
Our arboricultural consultants provide a broad range of professional tree services:
  • Planning and pre-development surveys
  • Inspections for bats in trees
  • Air Spade trenching and soil decompaction
  • Tree planting and the essential care and management of trees and woodlands
  • Arboricultural Reports & Surveys | Tree Planting & Care
We are happy to carry out any size of job, from the inspection of a single tree through to BS5837 surveys for hundreds of trees on a site to be developed.

We also have extensive experience in tree lighting for public events.

Our philosophy
We believe that trees are just one component of an inter-dependent, diverse and complex ecological symptom, providing food and habitat to all manner of flora, fauna and fungi.

We take a holistic approach to tree management and care and will always consider (and try to retain or increase) the ecological values of trees and woodlands. Bats, moths, birds, squirrels, deer, mice, beetles, lichen, Porcini mushrooms – they all rely on trees to some extent.

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Tree survey for mortgage or insurance applications

If you are lucky enough to be buying a new home that has trees close to it, your mortgage lender or insurance provider may ask you to provide a professional tree assessment report. This is usually a formality to calculate your premium and not something to worry about; the vast majority of trees do not pose a hazard.

What does it include?

The tree survey for mortgage or insurance applications will assess any current or potential structural and safety issues or nuisance that may result from the trees. The survey should always be carried out by a properly qualified arborist.

A follow up report will detail the condition of the trees and provide prioritised recommendations for work. It will also highlight nuisances such as obstruction of CCTV, damage to telephone wires, interference with public highways and damage to structures.

Arbor Vitae are highly qualified and knowledgeable. We can provide you with a quick turnaround professional report that will satisfy your mortgage lender or insurance provider. You will also have the added comfort of having satisfied your ‘duty of care’ and knowing the condition of your trees.

What are the benefits to you?

A tree survey for mortgage or insurance purposes will assess the condition of your trees and highlight potential issues of safety, damage or nuisance to help you care for your trees and your premises.

Looking after your trees can increase your future selling price, adding a sense of maturity to your garden as well as a myriad of other benefits, including:

they look great!
attractive fruit, flowers, nuts and leaves
habitat and food for birds, insects and other animals
noise reduction and visual screening from roads, pavements and neighbours
shading from hot sun
wind diffusion
pollution capture
oxygen release
flood prevention

Find out more about our Tree Inspections & Surveys on our web-page or contact us to book an appointment.
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