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1st Drainage Worcester

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County West Midlands

About 1st Drainage Worcester

Welcome to First Drainage Services, your Number one solution in the Midlands and surrounding outer areas.

We at First Drainage are a family operated company. We were established back in 1996. We really do pride ourselves in offering the very best possible service and competitive solutions to both domestic and commercial clients. If you have a clogged up drain or pipe, or a related blockage and need drainage assistance urgently, or have an emergency, then please call on us to get water flowing in the right direction. We guarantee that your block, leak, pipework problem or drain will be cleared efficiently and cost effectively.

Drain Clearing, Unblocking & Repairs
At some point all drains need to be cleared out. The inevitable build up of fat, washing detergent, silt, and mineral scale reduce the water flow in the pipe leading to an eventual blockage.

We use professional high-pressure water jetting, which clears the most stubborn blockages without any need for abrasive or corrosive chemicals that can damage the environment and wildlife. By using a high-pressured jetting machine, we are able to blast through obstructions and strip away any deposits to restore fully functional conditions, leaving the drain as good as new.

Sinks, Toilets & Baths
If you have a blockage in your sink, toilet or bath and a plunger fails to fix the problem, please call our experienced engineers - who deal with this problem day after day.

Keeping your drains clear is essential for health and well-being, which is why it can be distressing if you discover that you've got blocked drains. The main problems are hair, dust and other particles getting stuck in the space between the drain and the pipes.

CCTV Surveys & Inspections
We have the latest CCTV camera equipment to identify faults and blockages with ease and can even provide you with visual footage and a detailed report.

CCTV survey technology is the best and most cost effective way to inspect drains and sewers. If you already have a drainage problem or are just keen to avoid one in the future, please get in touch.

We offer a professional service to descale your drains. A specialist tool is used which goes down into the drainage system. A rotating head then scrapes away rough edges and left over mineral deposits leaving a smooth surface, returning your drain to full flow capacity. Descaling is often needed in hard water areas too. Count on us to offer a professional service.

Manual Rodding
If your drains are producing odours, or your toilet flush is stalling, there is a good chance that a rodding service is needed.

Manual Rodding is a very straightforward method of unblocking drains and pipes. This is a good solution where you need the problem solving quickly and efficiently in an emergency. Contact our highly experienced team.

Root Removal
Tree roots are a common reason for blockages to domestic systems and often need to be removed. Our expert engineers can remove the roots safely and treat them to ensure they won’t come back. Please feel free to call for a no obligation quote appointment.

Pipe Laying and Trench Digging
You can be reassured that we are fully qualified. We take pride in laying pipes and digging to a very high professional standard.

Laying new pipes and plumbing is one of the hardest improvements to undertake and it can be expensive and dangerous if you get it wrong – so hire a professional for best results.

Gutters & Gullies
Clearing gutters can be extremely dangerous work but our specialised engineers are trained to do job safely. We have an experiences and professional team that can take care of this issue straight away.

Man Hole Repairs
Over time, manholes can require repair due to old age and subsidence. Corrosion from the man hole can even lead to blockages in the drains and pipes.

Whether your manhole has collapsed, or the cover is broken, we’ll be able to repair the problem professionally using advanced grouts and resins to ensure the fix is a permanent one. We can also replace old broken manholes to prevent further damage if needed.

We are highly experienced engineers in manhole maintenance and work will be done safely and professionally. Please feel free to call for a no obligation quote appointment.


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Drainage Specialists Worcester , West Midlands. Drain & Pipe cleaning Birminghamdrain unblocking, drain clearance, blocked drains
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