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J & C R Wood Limited

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66 Clough Road
East Yorkshire

About J & C R Wood Limited

You don’t need to be a welder, blacksmith or metalworker to use our tools – and even beginners can be making metal projects in minutes. Easy, safe and fun to use, these unique hand powered metalworking tools are used for pleasure and for profit, and also by teachers in schools and training centres.

They don’t need heat or power, anyone can pick up our tools and be making simple crafts straightaway. Our tools punch, shear, bend, roll and rivet together metal strip and bar, with additional tools to make decorative scrolls. We sell the complete package – with all the materials, fixings, and accessories to help you with your designs.

Whether you try our designs, or create your own, we will help you with support and advice, we’re always just a phone call away. See what our metalcrafters are saying and read some of their fascinating stories about what they are doing with their metal craft tools, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter too!

Metalcraft Tools
Metalcraft offers a highly unique range of hand operated metal craft tools for cutting, bending, shaping and joining metal strips and bars. They produce great looking and consistent results time after time. All our metalcraft tools are available individually or as complete workshop packages.

Metalcraft Users
Metalcraft is the essential range of equipment for crafting metal, for pleasure or for profit. You don't need the skills of a metalworker, blacksmith or a welder to use our equipment. It is incredibly easy and fun to use, so making it possible for beginners and professionals alike to achieve really impressive results. Because it does not require heat or power it is also remarkably safe.

Our extensive selection of equipment is suitable for a very diverse range of applications, but, what is important, is we offer a complete back up and guidance on how to use and get more from Metalcraft equipment. Click below to find out more about who uses Metalcraft tools and what for and also read what our metalcrafters say about our metal craft tools and take a look at some fascinating case studies.

  • Metalcraft Tools
  • Spares
  • Fixings
  • Easy Fix Craft Accessories
  • Decorative Features
  • Clock Kit Components
  • Workshop Packages
  • Learning & Teaching Aids
  • Candle Accessories
  • Self Fix Craft Accessories
  • Gate Hardware
  • Steel in Handy Packs
  • Back/Base Plates
  • Connector Plates & Collars
  • Letters & Numbers
  • Sundry Items


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